Implementing a Vesting Schedule

Eqvista is easy to use when issuing shares and adding a vesting schedule. Here is how you can easily implement a vesting schedule while issuing shares to your employees. Step 1: First log into your account, select the company account to issue shares, and add a vesting schedule.  On the dashboard, click on “Securities” and then on “Equities” from the left-side menu to … Continued

Modify a Vesting Schedule

If you have created a vesting schedule on Eqvista and made a mistake or changed your mind about some details, you can modify the vesting schedule on the app. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to modify a vesting schedule. Step 1: Login into your account on Eqvista and select the company account that you want to modify the vesting … Continued

Create a Vesting Schedule for RSAs

Creating a vesting schedule for RSAs is easy when you are doing it through Eqvista. To make things easier for those who need some help, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a vesting schedule using RSAs. Step 1: Begin by logging into your Eqvista account and selecting the company account.  Once you get to the … Continued

What Is Founder’s Stock?

Being a founder can be fun, but there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it. From running the daily operations to managing staff, things can add up pretty quickly. In addition to these things, it’s important that you setup the share structure of the company properly, starting with the founder’s stock. The founder’s … Continued

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