Stocks for employees – Employee Stock Option

Many companies issue stock options for their staff as employee compensation. When used properly, it can provide great rewards for employees based on the value of the company. An employee stock option plan offers employees the right to purchase a set number of shares from the company’s stock at a specific price, otherwise known as … Continued

Onboarding Employees in an early-stage company

Just started a company and thinking of onboarding your employees? Even though time efficiency may be your main concern, onboarding employees is an important process for the success of any company. Being an early-stage company, it is important for you to identify the needed outcomes of your onboarding plan to work towards each one and … Continued

When can I buy my employee stocks? Can I buy them right away?

Have you been offered equity compensation as a part of your benefits package in your company? Well then, congratulations! With this, you can now build towards financial wealth for yourself. Regardless of the level of compensation, it is highly crucial for you to see how your overall financial health would benefit, both short and long … Continued

Did you exercise options? You need to file IRS Form 3921

Have you exercised your options recently? Well, then you may need to pay the taxes for it. Form 3921 for ISO exercises The moment you exercise a company ISO option grant, you will get a form 3921 from your company by the 31st of January. This form is used to calculate the capital gains you … Continued

What is an early exercisable stock option?

Stock options are a highly favourable financial asset for many, as they offer the holder the choice to purchase shares now or later down the road. These allow the person to have an extended amount of time to decide whether they want to buy their employer’s stock at a fixed price, in which lies the … Continued

Restriction on your shares after you leave the company

In today’s job market, changing jobs to find the right fit of a nice company environment and good salary has become commonplace. And if you find a company that offers you stock or options in your employment package, remember to fully understand what rights you have before you enter the company. Keep reading to know … Continued

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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