Managing shareholders, common equity, cap tables and company filings is much easier and efficient with Eqvista. You can manage all of your equity in one place without any trouble

With the new Spreadsheet feature, users can now manage large volumes of data (shareholders, stocks, grants, etc.), in a similar way to Excel spreadsheets. You can add, edit, and delete multiple rows and columns of information easily and store everything securely.

Please note: the Spreadsheet feature is only available to Premium account holders. Please upgrade your account if you want to unlock this feature.

Here is the step-by-step guide to view the table for shareholders under Spreadsheet view. 

Step 1: Log into your Eqvista account with your credentials and select your company profile to reach the dashboard. Now, click on “Cap table” from the left side menu and a sub-menu will open for you. There, you will find the “Spreadsheet” feature as highlighted on the page below.


Step 2: Now, click on the “Spreadsheet” feature and a page will open for you as shown below. Under “Select Table Type” on the right hand side, select “Shareholders”.

Select Table Type

Step 3: Under the “Manage Company Shareholders” page, you can perform various spreadsheet functions like create, edit or delete existing and new shareholders (just like how you would in Excel). To add a new shareholder, you need to add various details like “First name”, “Last name” and “Type” in the spreadsheet. Then, click on the “Check before save” button.

Check before save

Note: While performing the data addition, shareholders without last name will be automatically saved as institution (company) and shareholders with last name will be saved as individuals or persons.

Step 4: Before you can save your data, a data validation message will appear. This can either mean the data you have entered have no issues or there are some details missing or incorrect. After checking, you can proceed to saving the information by clicking on the “Save” button.

saving the information

Step 5: After data processing, the shareholder details will be added to the spreadsheet under the “Shareholders” table as shown below:


Similarly, you can perform other functions like “edit” and “delete” in the spreadsheet under the “Shareholders” table.

To know more about other features of Eqvista and understand the working of other tables under the Spreadsheet feature, check out our other support articles here.

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