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Our Founder Spotlight is a curated showcase of the startup ecosystem’s most inspiring and influential voices.

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What is Founder Spotlight?

Founder Spotlight, an exclusive interview series by Eqvista, is your gateway to the stories and experiences that shape the entrepreneurial landscape.

This feature is about inspirational stories of high-growth startups. It provides valuable insights, tips, and lessons learned directly from the founders who have navigated the challenging yet rewarding journey of building their own startups.

Empowering entrepreneurs to share and inspire, our platform also accelerates growth by spotlighting unique success stories. We aim to connect with ordinary individuals who’ve made an extraordinary impact.

Why Founder Spotlight Matters

Our Founder Spotlight focuses on expert-owned businesses and their strategic use of domains in brand building. It highlights diverse voices and perspectives, promoting inclusivity in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Discover experiences, challenges, and strategies employed by entrepreneurs who have successfully created a winning brand. Each spotlight will represent practical guidance rooting for small businesses’ success.

What You’ll Find: Founder Stories

Our founder spotlight contributes to the sense of community among entrepreneurs, fostering support networks and collaboration within the startup ecosystem. We bring up valuable content, giving you a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape.

Our analysts hand-pick founders who have a diverse range of experiences and insights.

“Founders are often driven by a sense of purpose, aiming to address a problem, bridge a gap, or contribute to a greater cause. – we connect with the most successful minds, delivering the most-need stories.” – Colin Mc Crea, Partner at Eqvista

We research companies’ histories that drive through economic fluctuations and still benefit the market. The founder’s story from these companies has power; it’s the first and sometimes the only story a young company needs.


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How Do We Select Founder Stories?

In many cases, it’s hard to separate genuine stories from marketing. Companies with a concept to provide better solutions will always have room for improvement and invent a better one, and we’re exploring it as a proof of concept. Our selections follow:

  • Unique Voice – Choosing founders with diverse backgrounds and unique and interesting stories.
  • High Growth – Emphasizing stories from companies experiencing significant growth and good market position.
  • Exclusive Interviews (Q&As) – Engaging with these founders on a personal level to bring exclusive insights straight from the source.
  • Publication – The captivating insights from these interviews are then published on our Blog or Social Media platforms, offering practical advice for your entrepreneurial journey.

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We value your insights as we continue to bring ‘the best stories behind the story’ for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

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