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SaaS Valuations: Valuing a Software Company

SaaS is short for Software as a Service. It is a unique and growing industry and is also one that needs a lot of special considerations when it comes to selling such a company. The reason for this is simple, SaaS companies offer services such as applications and so on. Each company has its own
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Sequoia Capital Portfolio and Top Investments in 2021

One of the world’s leading venture capital and private equity firms is Sequoia Capital. Sequoia Capital portfolio focuses mainly on innovation and technology, it is a challenging investor that has supported and funded more than 1,500 companies around the globe. They invest in many growth markets and in various types of services and products. Companies
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Y Combinator Cap Table

Y Combinator or YC is a popular name in the startup ecosystem. What began as a startup accelerator initiative in 2005 is now a driving force in the industry. Y Combinator has seeded and mentored over two thousand companies to date. Drawing from this immense wealth of experiences, YC has also spearheaded breakthroughs in how
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Enterprise value of a company: What exactly is it?

Company valuation is a basic indicator of a profitable business. Internally it helps management keep track of business growth. While externally, high valuations attract potential investors. Be it equity investment, merger, acquisition, or an IPO, the actual worth of a company is estimated using reliable valuation methods. This is usually done by professionals.  Enterprise Value
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Revenue Multiples by Industry

Company valuation is an important recurring process in every business. It is in many ways a projection as well as a milestone in a company’s growth cycle. Analysts can select from a wide array of valuation tools to suit industry needs. While it is easier to arrive at a valuation for companies with an established
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Accel Portfolio and Top Investments in 2021

Investors look for the best way to make profit from their portfolios without having to face risks. One way to do so is by investing in venture capital. One of the leading venture capital funds is Accel. Accel backs technology based startups that have the potential to become industry dominant and world renowned. This global
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Risk Factor Summation Method: Everything you need to know

Startups use valuation methods that rely on guesswork and estimation. This means that there is no globally accepted analytical methodology for investors to evaluate the various factors. On the other hand, VCs and Angel investors opt for various venture capital valuation methods to estimate the value of a startup. The process of mapping the present
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How do I choose the valuation date for my 409a valuation?

If you are an investor, then valuation is a term that pops up in every investment you make. Till now you must know what a valuation is and how it works in relation to your investment. You also know the importance of valuing an investment and there are many ways we can value a company.
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Interview with Don McGregor: Co-Founder and CEO Space Railway

We got a chance to interview Don McGregor Co-Founder and CEO of Space Railway Corporation, one of the promising companies seeking to redefine space travel. Hi Don, Thank you so much for this interview. Just to start with, Could you please tell a bit more about yourself and your journey to the Space Railway project?
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Top 100 Startup Accelerators List in 2021

Looking for a complete startup accelerator list? As a startup founder, a clear understanding of accelerator programs is important for the company’s future. Some startups may bootstrap into the market or find alternative ways of scaling up. But being part of a reputed accelerator program more often than not weighs out in favor of the
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