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6 Types of Investors Every Startup Must Have

There are 6 types of investors for startups for those in need of start-up capital. Friends and relatives, crowdfunding, accelerator programs, angel investors, and venture capitalists are some of the available funding sources.  Investments are made by each organization at different times and with varying amounts of money. There are several factors that will need
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8 Pieces of Advice from a 409A Valuation Expert

A 409A report, which provides a fair market value for a company’s common shares, is created by 409A valuation providers. At Eqvista, our highly experienced team of analysts assists all sorts of companies to determine their firm’s value by meticulously evaluating their financial data. To help you understand 409A valuations, we have put together advice
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Employee Spotlight: Grace Dandan, Marketing Analyst At Eqvista

Hello everyone, on this edition of our employee spotlight series we’ve Grace Dandan who joined our team a couple of months back. She is currently working at Eqvista as an editor, assisting the marketing team in creating and publishing engaging content. Hello Grace, it’s wonderful to have you in this blog interview. First of all
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Eqvista Partners with Choco Up: Revenue Based Financing Platform

We are excited to announce that Eqvista has partnered with Choco Up, a revenue-based financing platform, to offer more services to our clients! Through this partnership, Eqvista and Choco Up clients can receive special discounts across our various services. We aim to provide simple yet efficient financial solutions for companies and individuals. About Partnership  Through
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FMV of Thinly Traded Stock: Everything you need to know!

With a 409A valuation, private firms must first assess their common stock’s “fair market value” (FMV). The recognized current worth of one share of a private company’s common stock is known as fair market value. It shows how much the stock would be worth if it were traded on the open market. Thinly traded securities
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Happy Holidays from Eqvista!

The holidays are fast approaching and we are close to saying farewell to 2021. We at Eqvista would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It has been a pleasure working with you this year. Before the year ends, the Eqvista team would like to thank all our
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Top 100 Seed Investments and Investors

Getting funds for a new business is always crucial and probably one of the hardest challenges new business owners go through. Most startups seek help from seed investments and investors to help their business through its early stages. Investors usually exchange funding for an equity stake of the business, giving them partial ownership, and business
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Issuing Company Stock to US Contractors or Consultants

There are different rules when it comes to issuing shares and company stocks to US contractors and US consultants. They are both third parties but they play big roles in a company’s development. For most companies, especially startups, they offer stocks to contractors and consultants to give them some ownership of the company. By doing
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How to value your business with experts?

If you want to know the value of your business, it’s important to seek the help of an expert to find the right business value. This is done through a business valuation, which is a process in determining the economic value of a business. Having a business valuation will help you get the value of
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Which Equity Compensation Is Best: Options, RSU, RSA, Phantom Stock or SAR?

Receiving equity compensation is a great benefit for a lot of employees, but most don’t know which equity compensation plan is the best for them. Stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, and employee stock purchase plans are the five primary types of individual equity compensation programs.  There are
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