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409A Valuation at $89 a month for Startups Affected by SVB Failure

The SVB fiasco is the talk of the business town now. Silicon Valley Bank financed startups beyond the Bay Area. It supported half of all US venture-backed firms and 44% of US venture-backed healthcare and technology companies that went public in 2022. SVB may reveal its risk management and other procedures, which have caused many … Continued

How to Choose the Right ESOP Management Software for your Business?

Offering employee remuneration in the form of an employee stock option plan (ESOP) is a fantastic business tool. It enables startups and businesses to generate revenue to incentivize workers to put in more effort or as a recruiting tool to bring highly qualified individuals to the organization. However, providing equity as employee remuneration entails a … Continued

Key-Value Drivers for a Company

A business often takes years to develop a good value for its sale, especially if you want maximum compensation. Valuation is a forecast of future company value and business expectations. A company owner must establish and comprehend what drives value to represent those expectations appropriately. What elements lower risk and boost cash flows? The success … Continued

How to determine the ESOP pool size with a cap table?

The Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Pool is the company’s equity for issuance to employees, directors, and, where permissible, advisors and consultants. Correctly sizing the ESOP pool is a fragile balancing act that most founders get wrong, a potentially costly error. The size of the employee option pool influences how much ownership can be retained … Continued

How to ensure you have the right number of investors in your cap table?

A startup’s cap table often grows faster than projected, and founders normally feel the ache of a growing cap table when it’s too late. Managing a cap table has practical ramifications for a business. Each investment the company gets requires cautious management. Founders must answer investor communications, keep them updated, and seek their signatures on … Continued

Top Web3/Blockchain Seed Investors and VC Firms

Investor interest in what some believe will be the subsequent iteration of the internet has increased as Web3 and the decentralized web have become buzzwords in the startup sector. Several web3 businesses, including Polygon Technology and Alchemy, announced significant fundraising rounds this year. Alchemy secured a $200 million in “Series C-1” headed by Lightspeed and … Continued

How does Opportunity Cost work in a business?

The opportunity cost in business can be understood in terms of potential gains or profits an entrepreneur forgoes by making one choice over another. Due to the increasing possibilities to spend, save, or invest in a business, entrepreneurs need a precise way to compare their options to stay within their budgets. This is where analyzing … Continued

Top Web3 Unicorn Startups Worldwide

Recently, Web3 has been widely accepted as the technology that underpins several of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world. Consequently, the quantity of web3 unicorns, startups valued at more than $1 billion, has increased significantly. In 2022, the Web3 age may be on the rise, but this tech has existed for a while. Many … Continued

Eqvista Rewind: Looking Back at 2022

Since 2018, we have worked hard to provide an equity management solution that’s easy to use and also offer high quality professional business valuation services to our clients. In a span of 4 years, we have reached our biggest year yet and achieve milestones we couldn’t imagine. From increasing our revenue by quadruple, to having … Continued

Founder Spotlight: Interview with Stephane Nasser, Co-Founder of OpenVC

We are always eager to learn more about how new businesses succeed in their field. In this special interview, we spoke to Stephane Nasser, co-founder of OpenVC. OpenVC is an open source platform connecting founders and investors. With 7 years of experience in tech entrepreneurship and venture capital, Stephane and his team have made is … Continued

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