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Bootstrapping vs Funding: Which is Right for Your Startup

Do you want to try to seek capital for your business or bootstrap it? It’s a classic issue that every entrepreneur has been in. Many individuals have strong opinions about starting and running a business. Every business is unique, so no solution will apply to this subject. Raising money from external sources like investors or … Continued

Interview With Tiago Rebelo, Co-Founder and CEO of Connected

Eqvista welcomes you to another episode of the Founder Spotlight series! We are introducing Tiago Rebelo, the Co-Founder and CEO of Connected, a Portuguese startup dedicated to delivering universal, standardized, and affordable narrowband connectivity from space using Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology. So, join us now, and let’s hear Tiago’s awe-inspiring story about how … Continued

Valuation and Advisory Services in Australia

Australia’s economic and commercial climate has undergone a massive upturn in recent decades. Increasing start-up registrations, entrepreneurs, ecosystems, and Australian company funding are demonstrating this transition and leading to new global leadership.  These new entrants, investor groups, and stakeholders are curious about their investees’ or target firms’ valuations. Business valuations have risen in recent years … Continued

409a Valuations and Non-US Companies

Companies outside the U.S. may require a 409A valuation for various reasons when entering the U.S. market. This situation often occurs when providing stock options or other equity-based compensation to employees in the United States, a popular strategy to attract and retain skilled professionals.  Startups and established companies must determine these valuations to motivate their … Continued

Interview With Tristan Pelloux, OKR Coach and Founder of StrategWhy

Get ready for an exciting edition of the Founder Spotlight interview, where we are thrilled to feature Tristan Pelloux – an OKR Coach and the founder of StrategWhy – an independent advisory firm that specializes in complex project management and strategy execution, with a particular focus on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Join us for … Continued

LLC Taxation: Corporate and Single member filing requirements

Operating a business as an LLC comes with tax considerations, even though it’s commonly known as a “pass-through” entity for federal income tax. It means the LLC usually doesn’t pay federal income tax, but important filing requirements remain. A limited liability company can be taxed in many ways, but it always provides flexibility to the … Continued

How To Calculate Net Asset Value In 2024?

Let’s say an investor evaluates two mutual funds, each with appealing attributes. One fund boasts a robust track record of performance, while the other offers a compelling investment strategy that aligns with the investor’s long-term goals.  The decision seems daunting until the investor considers each fund’s Net asset value.  What is  Net Asset Value? This … Continued

Interview With Jeff Wallace, Co-founder of Silicon Valley in Your Pocket

In this edition of the founder spotlight interview, we have Jeff Wallace, the co-founder of SVIYP, a virtual incubator and accelerator program based in Silicon Valley that provides startup coaching to entrepreneurs globally. Jeff takes us through the amazing journey of SVYIP and how it turned out to be the ultimate place for startup founders. … Continued

How To Value Carried Interest Valuations for Private Equity?

Carried interest, often termed “carry,” is essentially a share of the profits private equity fund managers earn from investments. This mechanism incentivizes fund managers to excel and aligns their interests with those of the fund’s investors. Historically, carry has been a substantial part of a fund manager’s income.  Understanding how to value carried interest in … Continued

Non Qualified and Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans (With Case Studies)

Let’s imagine you’re at a point in your career where you’re earning more than enough to cover your current expenses, and you start thinking about the future. How can you make your money work for you, especially when it comes to retirement? Deferred compensation could be the key. It’s like allowing you to delay receiving … Continued

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