Open a business account online with Cheqly

Eqvista is now a proud partner with Cheqly and they can help you to start a business account remotely quickly and with ease.

One of the greatest benefits of digital financial solutions like Cheqly is that it is accessible from anywhere globally. If you start a business account online in the US then you can access the account from anywhere in the world and even make payments to vendors in other countries.

What is Cheqly and what services do they offer?

Cheqly is a neobank for SME’s and its advantage lies in the fact that they cater to business financial requirements in a digital age. In the last few years, there has been a spike in the growth of e-commerce businesses in the US and globally. Even the traditional brick-and-mortar businesses in the United States and Southeast Asia are creating a digital presence. This has increased the demand for starting an online international business account that offers all forms of digital banking solutions.

Cheqly is a full-stack neobank that encompasses the following features and services:

  • It is a full-fledged Business Account
  • It enables domestic and international wire transfers
  • You can access CapTable and Valuation services provided by Eqvista
  • You can opt for a virtual or a physical debit card
  • You can send, receive and store your money
  • It enables ACH payments or electronic payment and transfers
  • You can benefit from various business related statistics and analysis

Cheqly makes it easy to open an account for your US business

If you are planning to start a new business or you already own a company; digital financial solutions can provide a host of advantages to you or your company. Cheqly is a unique digital financial platform that aims to provide 24×7 access to various banking functions. You can in fact start a business account online in the USA without the need of visiting a branch office to open an account. When you opt for Cheqly, you are opting for a paperless solution, which is considered to be environmentally friendly. All you need is the internet and a device for accessing your account like laptops, tablets etc.

Manage all your finances using Cheqly

The world belongs to entrepreneurs and unicorns and the future of businesses is going through a transformation. One of the most important aspects of any new business is managing finances, which can be quite the burdensome task. The good news is that managing finances including capital, stocks or shares, and banking are all going through digital transformation as well as automation. This is where Cheqly plays the all important role by not only helping you start a business account online in the USA but they also offer full-stack financial solutions to cater to the evolving needs of growing businesses.

Cheqly is a modern day neobank, which operates exclusively online without any physical branches. It provides a variety of services that are normally provided by its traditional counterparts and can be accessed from just about anywhere in the world. You can open a business account online at Cheqly and manage all your finances with the click of a button including making payments, receiving funds, or checking account balance.

Main Features of Cheqly

The business owners and entrepreneurs of today are on the path of transforming their traditional business models into a more technology driven operation. Hence, Cheqly has created a technology and internet driven banking model to accomplish the objective of making business banking a breeze. If you want to start a business account online in the USA, then Cheqly offers a stockpile of features and benefits.

Start your business account easily, online and remotely – Some of the top banks globally will need you to open a bank account by visiting their branch. Cheqly will help you to start a business account remotely without the need to visit a branch. The bottom line is that you can open a business account from anywhere in the world, at your convenience, and with ease.

  • Business card – When you open a business account online with Cheqly, you can get a business card that enables banking and payments. Whether you want to access cash, make a quick payment, or a small purchase, the business card will make all your transactions effortless and easier
  • Transparent pricing – If you start a business account online in the USA with Cheqly, then the good news is that the pricing and fee structure is transparent. There will be no hidden charges or fees.
  • No monthly account fee – Most banks across the world and in the USA charge some form of monthly account maintenance fees for making a profit and towards payment of operating expenses. This is where Cheqly is different from other banks as when you start an online international business account, there will be no monthly account maintenance fees.
  • Easy and fast transfers to bank accounts locally and internationally – Cheqly is a technology-driven neobank with the primary objective of making business banking experience smoother and faster. So, if an entrepreneur needed to transfer payment to a vendor in another country Cheqly will enable it in real time.
  • Fast customer support – Whether you start a business account online in the USA or any other country in the world; customer support is the key towards facilitating banking operations in a customer-centric world. Cheqly has its in-house customer support and service team that are geared towards resolving customer issues and providing a personalized banking experience.

How do you open a business account online with Cheqly?

Cheqly is a financial technology startup, neobank and unique digital banking platform, which promises businesses and customers a seamless online banking experience along with a host of traditional banking services. If you want to start a business account online in the USA with Cheqly then the process is fairly easy and an account can be opened right from any smart device at your convenience.

You can open a business account online by visiting the Cheqly website and register using the onboarding interface. The online process will take into account all legal aspects as well as requests for opening a business account. If you need any support or guidance for opening an account then you can contact their customer service and they will be able to help you with the entire account registration process.

We offer cap table management and valuation services for Cheqly clients!

Whether you’re looking for help managing your company cap table or want to get an accurate valuation for your business, Eqvista is here to help. We are offering a highly sophisticated equity management software, which allows businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, and shareholders to manage and track their companies’ equity. We, at Eqvista, have the expertise and software tools necessary to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

Businesses open their accounts faster and easier with Cheqly

One of the most important aspects of any business is finance. When you start a business or make it operational, there are several areas of finance that you will need to manage right from capital, payments or business transactions, cap table management, financial protection, issuing of shares, and organized accounting. Eqvista makes all this easier for its clients with the help of an advanced proprietary equity management software.

Eqvista has partnered with Cheqly and this mutual co-operation can benefit clients of either companies. When you need to start a business account online in the USA; we highly recommend Cheqly as your business can derive a wide range of financial benefits. Our clients will be able to make their finance related operations smoother by using Cheqly online business accounts. Our clients can even start an online international business account remotely with minimal documents and quickly.

Start your business account online!

Opening a business account has never been so easy – Cheqly makes it simple and fast to get started.