Eqvista is a highly advanced equity management software that helps shareholders, investors, and companies in managing and tracking the shares. With the help of our app, owners can make smarter decisions for their company’s capital and equity. The software helps you handle all the transactions from the seed-stage to the pre-IPO stage where all the equity would be taken care of electronically

In fact, the application captures all the activities of the shareholders. With Eqvista, you will be able to incorporate your company and manage the equity easily all in one place without putting too much effort and time. Let us share more about what Eqvista is and how we will be helping you here!

Why Eqvista?

At Eqvista, we believe that the technology we use would ease the way you handle your share management, company filings, and cap tables to a large extent. The main objective that we strive to achieve is to help our clients right from the inception of their company. 

This means that we would help you from the company registration and incorporation to the cumbersome task of issuing shares for your company. Additionally, you will get support for all the tedious filings and cap table management with the help of Eqvista.

Our platform has been created in such a way that it would affect many parts of your company filings to make it easier. What may have taken you hours to complete now would become much easier and possible in minutes. All this can be done online from the comfort of your home.

Our Key Features & Benefits

There was once a time where you had to spend a lot of money and time on lawyers, accountants, and other experts to get their help in managing the shares in your company. Eqvista was created to reduce the burden you have and help you get what you need just from one platform! 

In fact, we can sort through the data in your current system and notify you of any errors in your cap table. You can also avoid delays in your share transfers that could cost the company a lot and push investors away. With this software on your side, all this can be easily avoided. So, solve your problems with Eqvista automatically today.

Here are some of the main key features of Eqvista:

  • Direct communication link will be set between issuer and investor
  • Reduction in manual work
  • No need to rely on 3rd party database
  • Cap table management will show clear provenance record
  • Corporate action items like stock authorizations and share transfers
  • Vesting plans calculated in an accurate way through our software
  • We will help you file a company with your state’s Division of Corporations
  • Issuing of shares will be managed by us in a transparent manner
  • Financial modeling for future investments
  • ALL this happens in real-time!

What do we offer?

Other than the support for managing equity with the Eqvista application, we also offer a huge range of training resources for clients who want to use our services. This would allow you to use the application smoothly and also understand the various aspects of the equity world. 

Once you have a clear idea with the help of our support and knowledge articles, you will be able to use the application easily. And with this, you can then concentrate on your company and its operation instead of worrying about the equity administration.

Here is a range of training resources that you can use:

  • Online Support: In case you need any help, we are here to answer all your questions and guide you through how to use our software. We will teach you how to best utilize the tools we offer to your advantage. Contact us here!
  • One-to-one Training: Easily connect with us via remote desktop so that we can walk you through your difficulties and get your problems solved. We can even schedule a demo of our app and how it can fit your company needs.
  • Online Videos: From the initial inception to the various updates that come out, we would ensure that there are online videos shared with our clients (founders like you) so that you can easily understand all about the software and its use. Check the latest videos here!
  • Support Articles: If you want to get a physical demonstration of how to go through the application in a stepwise format, we have added and would keep adding support articles. These are step by step support articles to help you complete a transaction or action on the application. Check them out here!
  • Knowledge-Based Articles: Not every person knows all about the different parts of being a founder and handling the equity part of the company. Keeping this in mind, we have created many knowledge-based articles that would help you understand more about equity and your role as a founder in the company. Check them out here!

Our Core Values

As mentioned above, we believe in offering the best services to our clients because as you grow, we would grow as well. Eqvista offers:

  • Reliability: Eqvista focuses on reliable support and service. Our dedicated support team would be there to help you manage and understand anything you need. In case you need any additional help, our professionals are also available to help you.
  • User friendly: We understand that most company founders are busy with managing their company and have no time to study the ins and outs of every software on the market. That is why we have created the Eqvista app to have easy-to-use interface for a better user experience.
  • Ingenuity: Eqvista understands that having the software and the help with knowledge articles is not enough. That is why we support a network of solution providers, practitioners, experts, and thought leaders. We would also help you stay up to date with all the new and ever-changing practices in the equity industry. 

Explore our Guides & Knowledgebase

Welcome to our support center and knowledge center that was created to help you make the most of your equity solutions. The leaders in our team have taken time to prepare these knowledge articles to help you understand your role as a founder better. Take help and understanding from the online resources provided here. Check them out here!

In case you have any questions about our services or software, feel free to contact us here! We would be delighted to help you with your stock management and plan requirements. Talk to us today!

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

If you want to start issuing and managing shares, Try out our Eqvista App, it is free and all online!