Faq – Waterfall Analysis

1. What is waterfall analysis? Waterfall analysis is a financial modeling technique used to distribute proceeds among different stakeholders in a structured manner upon exit of the company. 2. How does a waterfall analysis work? It typically involves creating a series of distribution “waterfalls” based on the company’s cap table that outlines the order and … Continued

FAQ – Migrating Data From Carta To Eqvista

1. How to export data from Carta to Eqvista? 2. How to import the data to Eqvista’s cap table? Eqvista can also transfer your cap table from another provider at no cost. If you wish to contact the team at Eqvista, we kindly request you to send an email to info@eqvista.com. 3. What are the … Continued

How to issue fractional shares on Eqvista?

Eqvista has always worked towards bettering the customer experience. Fractional ownership is one such thing that Eqvista now supports. Whether you are a C-Corp, a private equity fund, or an LLC, you can now deal with your fractional shares on Eqvista. Fractional shares are a portion of a share that is less than a full … Continued

How to issue and record phantom stocks on Eqvista

Many organizations offer their senior-level representatives with additional company benefits alongside their salaries. These advantages typically include employee compensation for the type of company stock. There are a ton of employee equity plans that are used such as ESOPs, phantom stock, and stock options. Among these plans, phantom stock is viewed as an extraordinary method for remunerating senior-level workers. With phantom stock … Continued

Who is a superuser?

A superuser is a person who creates an account on Eqvista. This person can be the founder, director, or even the admin for your company, although it is advised that it should always be the founder. The superuser has control over all the actions on the company account on Eqvista. They have the power to: The superuser would be … Continued

Electronic Shareholder Acceptance

One of the features of the Eqvista app is Electronic Shareholder Acceptance. When you issue equity grants, options, and warrants to shareholders, there will be an electronic acceptance for shareholders to sign (electronically) for the issuance to take place. Note: You will need to add the shareholder profile before you can begin the issuance process as shared below. To … Continued

What is Eqvista – Introduction

Every company requires the need to issue shares at some point in the business. When a company issues shares to a person or legal entity, the company is legally issuing new shares to offer ownership to a new shareholder. This person can be the founder of the company, a shareholder, an investor, an employee, a … Continued

Does Eqvista support certified (digital or paper) and uncertified (electronic) shares?

Yes, Eqvista supports both uncertified (electronic) shares and certified (digital or paper) shares. Both electronic certificates and paper certificates are similar, meaning the bylaws and charters are not affected. The main difference between them is that electronic certificates are stored electronically instead of on paper. Here are the steps for how you can view your digital … Continued

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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