A startup valuation reveals your company’s ability to expand, exceed investor expectations, and achieve other goals.

Although there are many valuation methods to value a company, Eqvista has created startup valuation software


Eqvista’s startup valuation is a built-in software in our platform that provides an easy solution for startups looking for valuations in a short time.

The startup valuation will include 32 multiple-choice questions that cover 5 areasManagement, Business, Product, Market, and Sales and Marketing

After answering the questions which will take approximately 20 minutes, a summarized valuation report will be prepared and available for download.

Note: To know more about Eqvista’s startup valuation software, check out our sample valuation report and place an order for valuation.


It can be expensive to get a valuation, particularly for startups. For this reason, Eqvista has developed an alternative for startups seeking affordable valuation.

Pricing of startup valuation

Eqvista’s pricing package offers:

  • Basic Plan with essential features at $89.
  • Growth Plan to scale your businesses with advanced features at $199.
FeatureDescriptionBasic PlanGrowth Plan
PricingThe pricing of the plan.Essential Features at $89Advanced Features at $199
Valuation MethodsThe different valuation methods are used to determine the company’s value.
  • Scorecard Method

  • Risk Factor

  • Berkus Method

  • VC Method
  • Scorecard Method

  • Risk Factor
  • Berkus Method

  • VC Method

  • DCF Method
  • DCF MethodThe method uses predicted future cash flows to determine the value.NoYes
    Custom Valuation WeightingCustomize weightings for more accurate evaluation.NoYes
    Projections SmartfillAutomatically filling in the projections for greater accuracy.NoYes
    Software Valuation ReportAfter answering the questions, a software valuation report will be available.NoYes
    PDF Report DownloadDownloading the valuation report in PDF format.YesYes
    Excel DownloadDownloading the valuation report in Excel format.NoYes
    Unlimited AccessEdit and re-run the valuation report as many times as you need.YesYes

    Note: After you have placed an order for valuation, you can upgrade your plan from basic to growth. Check out the support article to learn how to upgrade your plan.

    For more information on Eqvista’s other processes, check out our support articles or get in touch with us today!

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