Introduction to Eqvista Report

Types of Report There are three types of reports that you would need to use. Each has been explained below: Note: We have also shared the steps on how you can reach these reports. Step 1: Log in to the application, select your company profile, and when you reach the dashboard, click on “Report” from
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Create Cap Table Report on Eqvista

What is a Cap Table Report? A cap table report is a report that holds all the updated information of the company’s cap table with the total ownership of the company for each shareholder. This report has a list of all the shareholders, their ownership percentage, the kind of securities in the company, who owns
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Create Basic Company Report on Eqvista

Basic Company Report But before we can talk about how to get your basic company report from Eqvista, let us understand what a basic company report is and where you will need it. What is a Basic Company Report? A basic company report is a report that includes all the primary issuances of the company.
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Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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