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Eqvista helps entrepreneurs record and manage their company's stocks

Our sophisticated software and technology will transform your company, and work to manage your cap table, company shares, valuations and more, in an easy and effective way. Incorporate your company and manage your equity all in one place without all the extra work. Eqvista supports cap tables from all jurisdictions. Join now and enjoy all the benefits of our system!

Features & Benefits

Take advantage of Eqvista platform to issue stock and stay connected with your shareholders. Become more efficient and eliminate time consuming paperwork so your company can focus on what really matters.
Fast & Easy Onboarding for Companies of all sizes.

Share management

With our dedicated team and advanced platform, freely manage the shares in your company, all online. You can issue new shares, transfer existing shares, and many others.

Company incorporation

Once you have your idea for your business and are ready to start, head over to our page for your company incorporation. We can help set up a company and get your business running in no time!

Issuance of company shares

Companies can issue electronic stocks for shareholders, and no longer need to deal with old paper certificates. With our platform, you can issue shares to founders, investors, and others seamlessly.

Cap table management

The best part of our system is the cap table management for companies. They can not only manage the equity of their company, but also be up to date with all the company records and filings.

409A Valuation & Reports

We help our clients get the best 409A valuation in the market with our valuation team. Your company valuation and 409A reports will drive your company further with your business.

Waterfall analysis

The most powerful waterfall analysis on the market to analyze and form data visualization of your company’s financing rounds, share dilution and exit waterfall scenarios.

Financial Analysis & Company Standing

With all the company records and information in our system, you can easily generate financial analysis and complete record to show you where your company stands.


Try our software now and share all of your important information with your founders, shareholders, accountants, lawyers and others. You can grant access to others smoothly in our platform, and download reports.

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Eqvista is an always-improving tool that gains new features. Our company is working to help transform how modern businesses are built and run.

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Freiner Reifer
MKM group

Simple to use Cover most (or all) your needs at the Seed Stage level and Cheap 409a valuation Reactive team Well-documented.

– Fred C.

One of the best things about Eqvista is it’s “Ease of use”, they have a straightforward and very clean UI. They also allow you to store all company documents.

– Shilki E.

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