cap table report is a report that you will need to show to your new investor or others when you are about to make a deal. With Eqvista, you can now easily get your report created per your requirements. If you have been using Eqvista for a while now and have already added all the details in the application, you can easily get these transactions added to the cap table report and extract the table from here.


cap table report is a report that holds all the updated information of the company’s cap table with the total ownership of the company for each shareholder. This report has a list of all the shareholders, their ownership percentage, the kind of securities in the company, who owns which security, and the capital committed.


To generate the cap table report on Eqvista is quite easy. Here is the step-by-step process to get it:

Step 1: Log into the application. Select your company account and when you get to the dashboard. 


On the dashboard, click on “Reports” on the left side to get the drop-down menu and select “Capitalization table”.

cap table

Step 2: Once you do this, you will see the report information show up which says “This Captable Report includes the updated company cap table with the total ownership of the company for each shareholder. It is listed by the type of security, ownership %, and capital committed.” with a button below it that says, “Generate Report”.

cap table report

To download, click on the “Generate Report” button.

Step 3: When you click on this, the report gets downloaded as an Excel sheet in your Downloads


Step 4: Double-click the Excel sheet to open the downloaded report (you can also open it from the download folder in your system) will take you to the cap table report.

excel sheet

You will see that the report has two sheets. The first sheet is just like a cover that tells you what the report is about and what you will find in it, with the company name.

Click “Captable” to see the second sheet, which looks like this.

cap table sheet

Here, you will be able to see the shareholders in the company, and how much they own – the number of shares, ownership percentage, what kind of equity they own, and the capital they invested into the company. 

You will also be able to see all the issued shareswarrantsconvertible notes, and options.

The end of the report will show the total shares issued and capital committed in the company till now.

Just like this, you can use Eqvista to get your company’s cap table report. To know more, contact us today or just check out our support articles here!

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