About us

At Eqvista, we believe that our technology will ease the current system for share management, cap tables and company filings to a great degree. Our company is working to help transform how modern businesses are built and run.

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Eqvista is sophisticated equity management software that allows companies, investors and company shareholders to track, manage, and make intelligent decisions about their companies’ equity. We enable seed-stage to pre-IPO companies to manage equity electronically to capture all shareholders activities.

Incorporate your company and manage your equity all in one place without all the extra work. Take advantage of Eqvista platform to issue stock and stay connected with your shareholders.

Why us?

At Eqvista, we believe that our technology will ease the current system for share management, cap tables and company filings to a great degree. Our core value is to help our clients right from the inception of their company; that is, we’ll help you file your company with your states Division of Corporations, after which we’ll assist you with cumbersome work such as Issuing of shares for your company entity, Cap table management and other tedious filings.

FREE OF CHARGE! We have developed our platform which will affect the way every section of company filings work. What presently takes days will be done in minutes. Our approach and aim is to simplify the present difficult infrastructure and simplify it for companies.

Our Advantages

There was a time when you had to spend a lot of time and money on accountants, lawyers and other experts to manage your company shares and filings for your company. Our advantages at Eqvista, through our sophisticated software, is to ease the burden for busy founders to efficiently handle their cap table, and allow an efficient and cost effective way to manage the company’s shares.

With the current system in place, errors still occur which may cause headaches for owners, and possible forensic audits later on. You may also have delays in your share transfers, which could drive away your investors, and cost the company. Our software works to solve these problems, and more, automatically. Our key features include:

  • We will help you file a company with your states Division of Corporations
  • Issuing of shares will be managed by us in a transparent manner
  • Corporate action items like dividends and stock splits will be calculated in an accurate way through our software
  • Cap table management will show clear provenance record
  • No need to rely on 3rd party database
  • Reduction in manual work
  • Direct communication link will be set between issuer and investor
  • ALL this happens in real time!

Why Eqvista is the right choice for your 409A valuation needs

Eqvista is one of the leading 409a valuation providers in the industry, with high customer satisfaction and affordable pricing. We work with 4 major auditors and other audit firms to give you a high quality 409a valuation report. Key reasons why you should choose Eqvista for your 409a valuation are:

  • High customer satisfaction – we have many returning clients and referrals that trust in our team
  • Positive reviews – Eqvista is rated one of the best among 409A valuation providers
  • High response rate – our team follow up with clients in 1 day, compared to other providers who use automated responses or longer times to contact clients
  • Affordable pricing for startups – no pay-to-play model for consultation from our valuation analysts
  • NACVA certified team of professionals – we conduct around 60 audits and valuation per month
  • Expertise in handling complex valuations – our analysts conduct complex waterfall and OPM analysis for Series C and Pre-IPO companies

Our team


Tomas Milar is a seasoned entrepreneur having personally founded several startups and helped others incorporate thousands of companies over the years. He has acquired IncParadise, one of the largest RA (Registered Agents) in Nevada. Tomas built one of the largest Company Secretaries in Hong Kong and is also co-founder of a CPA firm. His extensive knowledge of the nature of startups and the corporate structure has led him to found Eqvista, to help others in managing their company equity efficiently. Tomas is currently focused on building a Neobank for SMEs, called Cheqly. Part of the Cheqly feature is CapTable and Valuation services provided by Eqvista.

Colin Mc Crea | Valuation

Colin McCrea is a CVA and head of the valuation team at Eqvista. He has years of experience in the taxation and auditing sector for small and medium sized companies in the US and Asia. He is currently managing company valuations and corporate taxation, and has worked with Tom on acquiring IncParadise and setting up a CPA firm.

Edison Chan
Edison Chan | Data & Valuation

Edison, a graduate from a university in Hong Kong, studied statistics and finance during his time at university. He is now working at Eqvista as a data & valuation analyst, helping clients conduct financial analysis, conduct valuations and develop a comprehensive valuation database.

Kayla Chen
Kayla Chen | Valuation

Kayla has degrees in Accounting and Finance and experience in revenue recognition, taxation and financial statement analysis. With financial knowledge and analytical skills, she is working as a valuation analyst at Eqvista and helps with financial analysis, financial performance forecast and company valuation.

Patrick Wong
Patrick Wong | Valuation

Patrick is a valuation analyst. With a few years of experience in valuing companies and financial derivatives for transaction and financial reporting purposes, he is now conducting company valuation, advising companies in relation to valuation related matters in Eqvista.

Calvin Chow
Calvin Chow | Valuation

Calvin is working as a valuation analyst at Eqvista. He has achieved a Master’s Degree in Finance from University of Bath in the U.K. He is experienced in financial modeling for valuation of company’s equity and also financial derivatives.

De'Ja Burson
De'Ja Burson | Account Executive

De’Ja has over 6 years of customer service experience. Her role is onboarding client’s cap tables and providing demo training on the Eqvista app. She is also part of our outreach team and provides customer support every step of the way.

Martin Bargl | CTO

Martin has more than a decade of experience and knowledge in IT. He managed several IT projects and teams worldwide, starting from scratch and taking over after the buyout. He worked with Tomas on IncParadise and Startupr, shaping future technological development.

Jakub Vele | Marketing director

Jakub has been working in marketing for over a decade at a global level. He is also involved in improving customer care and new technologies focusing on user experience. He was working with Tomas on Startupr and IncParadise online marketing and driving traffic to his projects.

Sarath C P
Sarath CP | Marketing

Sarath CP is a digital Strategist and growth analyst with Eqvista. He has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing with exceptional competence in SEO, developing content strategy, growth engineering, data analytics, and brand positioning.

Aysha Saifi
Aysha Saifi | Marketing

Aysha Saifi is a Digital Marketing Officer at Eqvista. She has over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, Growth Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. She is well-versed in her marketing techniques and helping with several marketing strategies for Eqvista.

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