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Computershare GEMSpm Alternative: Streamline Your Equity Management with Eqvista

Computershare GEMSpm has recently announced its discontinuation from April 1, 2024. We know your difficulties in efficiently managing your equity and cap tables. Although switching to an alternative to the Computershare cap table could be scary, Eqvista makes the process easy and smooth.  By signing up with Eqvista, you can be certain that your switch … Continued

LTSE Equity Alternative: Switch to Eqvista for a Seamless Cap Table Management

LTSE Equity recently announced its discontinuation of services. This might worry several clients and got them looking out for the best LTSE Equity alternative. While any cap table management software can make that switch from LTSE Equity cap table easier, ensuring data security and smooth transition with no data being lost and corrupt is essence.  … Continued

Benefits of creating a simple and smart cap table for early-stage startups

A capitalization table or cap table for early-stage startups lists your startup’s shareholders and their relative stakes in the organization. It is a spreadsheet that gives a summary of the capital structure of the business. Every investor will ask for your cap table to understand the financial system and the weight of each partner in … Continued

How to ensure you have the right number of investors in your cap table?

A startup’s cap table often grows faster than projected, and founders normally feel the ache of a growing cap table when it’s too late. Managing a cap table has practical ramifications for a business. Each investment the company gets requires cautious management. Founders must answer investor communications, keep them updated, and seek their signatures on … Continued

Cap table management:101 Guide for Startups

A cap table is a defining document for founders, investors, and employees. It’s the most important point of reference for understanding how ownership in your company gets divided. Who owns what percentage of the company, funding rounds, vesting schedules, and liquidation preferences are all captured clearly in the cap table. The cap table comes into … Continued

Reading a Cap Table: Guide to Keeping Track of Your Equity

With the diversification of investments, the number of shares and owners in a company can often be a bit tricky to keep track of. In order to avoid any confusion down the line, it’s important that you know how a company’s equity is divided among the shareholders. A cap table or capitalization table is a … Continued

Introducing New Spreadsheet View on Eqvista

Cap tables are an essential part of a company. Most companies have their cap tables in spreadsheet view in Excel, and include details about the potential new funding sources, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings or other transactions. Private companies use this table to deliver information on a company’s investors and market value.   Spreadsheet View … Continued

Eqvista Partners with Choco Up: Revenue Based Financing Platform

We are excited to announce that Eqvista has partnered with Choco Up, a revenue-based financing platform, to offer more services to our clients! Through this partnership, Eqvista and Choco Up clients can receive special discounts across our various services. We aim to provide simple yet efficient financial solutions for companies and individuals. About Partnership  Through … Continued

Why Founders choose Eqvista over Excel and Other Equity Management Software?

Excel sheets are one of the oldest ways to keep track of the shares in a company. It has been the tried and trusted method for everything around numbers, including tracking equity. However as the world evolves, we need to look for better ways to get things done properly. And with Excel sheets, cap table … Continued

Pro Forma Cap Table

Startups begin with unique ideas and make it through innovative thinking, hard work, and all the other hurdles. They eventually achieve traction leading to maturity. One of the important elements in a company’s evolution is developing and managing the shares through a suitable pro forma cap table. It might be hard for newcomers in the … Continued

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