Financial Modeling

Get the most accurate dilution and exit calculations using Eqvista financial modeling. Trusted by startup founders and venture capitalists.

Make smarter decisions for your companies with Eqvista’s financial modeling feature. This financial tool includes two complex financial models: waterfall analysis and round modeling. Not only can you manage and keep track of your company’s shares with Eqvista, but you can also make better financial decisions for your company’s success.

Financial Modeling – Waterfall Analysis and Round Modeling

A financial model is used to forecast a company’s future financial performance by using the company’s historical data and assumptions of the future. This tool is used for making decisions and performing financial analysis. There are two financial models that Eqvista uses and is known for: waterfall analysis and round modeling.

What is a waterfall analysis?

Waterfall analysis is a method that investors and shareholders can use to develop financial models of how much each shareholder will get when the firm is sold. These cap table models go through a series of computations to allow customers to see potential exit scenarios that they would otherwise be unable to undertake on their own.

Uses and benefits of a waterfall analysis

Founders and investors benefit from using a waterfall analysis as this helps them to understand their payouts of the total value of the company upon exit. It is a clear structure with a defined set of steps to follow, allowing for more accuracy in the analysis.

What is round modeling?

Round modeling is a financial method that allows investors and management to see how the company’s cap table is diluted. By using this financial model, companies can make critical decisions on the amount and timing of new investments coming into the company from investors.

Uses and benefits of round modeling

Using a round modeling financial analysis can help you determine the best time and amount for new investments to come into the company. This is important for any startup to grow their company, and also manage their cap table and the effects of share dilution for existing shareholders.

Eqvista’s Waterfall Analysis and Round Modeling

Our two additional financial models will substantially assist organizations using our system in calculating share dilution implications and exit strategies. All of this is accomplished using smart built-in algorithms that handle the mathematical aspects of these financial models.

Eqvista’s waterfall analysis tool

For founders and investors, you can use Eqvista’s waterfall analysis tool to understand your payouts based on the total value of a company upon exit. Ease the burden from doing the calculations yourself, preventing any error or disputes among shareholders. Our waterfall analysis can help you make better financial decisions for the company.

Key features of the Eqvista’s Waterfall Analysis

  • Cap Table Comparison of Payout Values
  • Converted liability option for note holders
  • Waterfall chart for preference rounds
  • Cash dividend option for preference shareholders
  • Preference liquidation breakdown of preferred investors
  • Multiple inputs for exit date, exit value, and possible transaction fees
  • Advanced calculations for preference rounds
  • Instant reactivity for efficient analysis
  • PDF export of your company’s waterfall analysis

Eqvista’s round modeling tool

By using our Round Modeling tool, you can make important decisions on the amount and timing of new investments for your company. This tool helps shareholders to see the dilution of their share ownership when new investments come in. The Round Modeling tool also helps owners to retain control over their company while also growing it.

Key features of the Eqvista’s round modeling

  • Pie chart & key figures of new investment
  • Basic and advanced versions of the new investment
  • Pre-money & post-money convertible basis
  • Multiple inputs for pre-money & post-money valuation, date of investment, and investment amount
  • Convertible notes have interest options for convertible notes
  • Instant reactivity for input data
  • Convertible rate options for preferred shares
  • Downloadable financial modeling in PDF format

Why choose Eqvista Financial Modeling?

Eqvista is not only a leading player in cap table management, but we also provide the best solutions for scaling your company. Here’s why you should choose Eqvista for your financial modeling needs:

  • Trusted by more than 14,000 + companies (founders + VCs)
  • Easily calculate the share dilution effects and exit strategies of companies
  • Make better decisions about when to sell your shares
  • Get a more accurate picture of your company’s value
  • Make smarter decisions for your company’s finance

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