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Klarna IPO: Everything you need to know

The evolving financial services and digital retail world has created demands for faster, easier, and more transparent payment solutions. Klarna is one of the leading companies looking to revolutionize that process. Fintech companies are quickly transforming the online payment experience, which is why Klarna has been able to establish itself as a leader within this … Continued

Instacart IPO: All you need to know

With the rise in the trend of grocery delivery services like Instacart, grocery shopping has become easier and more convenient for consumers. The one-click ordering process and delivery of groceries in a timely manner have made shopping for groceries more accessible and enjoyable. Instacart provides a one-hour grocery delivery or pick-up service, which covers items … Continued

Reddit IPO: Everything you need to know

With the advances of the internet, it’s easier to find new things, especially if you’re looking for a community of people with something in common. Reddit is one of the world’s largest and most popular social aggregation websites, where people share and discuss what’s new and popular on the web. The trend of forums and … Continued

Stripe IPO and what it means for the fintech industry

With the rise in fintech companies and the disruption of traditional financial systems, online payments are shaping the future of the financial industry. According to statistics, the global fintech market size was valued at $110.57 billion back in 2020, while it is projected to reach $698.48 billion by 2030, thus growing at a CAGR of … Continued

Airbnb IPO: All you need to know

Way before Airbnb convinced people to sleep in stranger’s homes and became a $100 billion company, it was just an idea to make some extra money and pay the rent. It took the founders of Airbnb, and their first guests, to realize that their idea was much larger than expected. There were a lot of … Continued

UBER Financial Planning Before IPO: All You Need to Know

2019 has come up as one of the biggest years for tech IPOs. Several tech companies have gone public with billion-dollar valuations. Therefore, it is also being called the year of unicorns and have become one of the trending topic discussions.  As a matter of fact, UBER is a company that has come under the … Continued

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