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Webinar: Best Practices for Founder Equity and Cap Tables

Are you a busy founder growing your business, but uncertain when it comes to the topic of your equity? From juggling shareholder equity, new investors, ESOP plans and more, there is a lot that could go wrong with your cap table. By being mindful of these common mistakes and being proactive with your equity, founders … Continued

Mastering Cap Table Management

Your company’s cap table, the capitalization table, is the essential document for monitoring ownership. It lists everyone with a share in your company, including individuals, institutions, and other entities. In 2022, the global market’s value for equity management software was at approximately $11.2 billion, and forecasts indicate it is poised to grow to an impressive … Continued

Computershare GEMSpm Alternative: Streamline Your Equity Management with Eqvista

Computershare GEMSpm has recently announced its discontinuation from April 1, 2024. We know your difficulties in efficiently managing your equity and cap tables. Although switching to an alternative to the Computershare cap table could be scary, Eqvista makes the process easy and smooth.  By signing up with Eqvista, you can be certain that your switch … Continued

LTSE Equity Alternative: Switch to Eqvista for a Seamless Cap Table Management

LTSE Equity recently announced its discontinuation of services. This might worry several clients and got them looking out for the best LTSE Equity alternative. While any cap table management software can make that switch from LTSE Equity cap table easier, ensuring data security and smooth transition with no data being lost and corrupt is essence.  … Continued

Role of Cap Table Transparency in Attracting Investors

Founders launch a company to sell something that they have developed. However, as a company grows and evolves, it must adapt its operations to make strategic decisions about its future development. Establishing and maintaining an accurate capitalization table (cap table) is one such step. Risk mitigation is crucial for investors. Therefore, as your business expands, … Continued

Upgrade to Premium: Access Complimentary Cap Table Onboarding Services

Eqvista’s cap table management platform is a dynamic solution that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of equity tracking. Operating at the crossroads of technology and finance,Eqvista offers an intuitive process to create, update and maintain cap tables.  Managing a Company’s Cap Table Accurately and Efficiently A thoroughly maintained cap table is a startup’s guiding … Continued

Why should you manage your cap table for an exit?

Exit plans are essential for securing a business owner’s financial future, but many only consider creating one once they are ready to leave. Business owners must consider an exit strategy but are frequently overlooked until significant changes are required. Entrepreneurs risk limiting their future options if they do not plan an exit strategy that informs … Continued

Benefits of creating a simple and smart cap table for early-stage startups

A capitalization table or cap table for early-stage startups lists your startup’s shareholders and their relative stakes in the organization. It is a spreadsheet that gives a summary of the capital structure of the business. Every investor will ask for your cap table to understand the financial system and the weight of each partner in … Continued

How to determine the ESOP pool size with a cap table?

The Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Pool is the company’s equity for issuance to employees, directors, and, where permissible, advisors and consultants. Correctly sizing the ESOP pool is a fragile balancing act that most founders get wrong, a potentially costly error. The size of the employee option pool influences how much ownership can be retained … Continued

How to ensure you have the right number of investors in your cap table?

A startup’s cap table often grows faster than projected, and founders normally feel the ache of a growing cap table when it’s too late. Managing a cap table has practical ramifications for a business. Each investment the company gets requires cautious management. Founders must answer investor communications, keep them updated, and seek their signatures on … Continued

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