Cap Table Management

Streamline your cap table management and keep your cap table up-to-date with real-time updates!

There was a time when managing your company’s shares and files required a significant amount of time and money spent on accountants, lawyers, and other experts. Our benefits at Eqvista come from our advanced software, which makes it easier for busy founders to manage their cap table and allows for a more efficient and cost-effective manner of managing the company’s shares.

Cap Table Management

Companies often have a hard time keeping track of their equity. Having a good cap table management system in place can let you know who owns the company and how much the company is owned. Keeping track of this helps in making sound financial decisions that have an impact on the market capitalization and the company’s value.

What is a cap table?

A cap table, also known as a capitalization table, is a chart used by startups to display ownership interests in the company. It shows the value of your company’s securities (stock, options, warrants, and so on), as well as how much each investor paid for them and what proportion of the company they hold.

Why do companies need a cap table?

A cap table is vital for companies when making important financial decisions. This can affect everything from who has control of the company to how you price future fundraising rounds. Overall, a cap table determines the health of a company, which allows investors, shareholders and other important players of the company to see how the company is performing.

Importance of an accurate and up-to-date cap table as your business grows

The capitalization table displays who owns what percentage of the corporation and what economic and voting rights they have. Shareholder information, ownership position, rights to purchase further shares in the future, vesting schedules, voting percentages, and purchase price are all included in the cap table. It compiles all relevant capitalization data and presents it in an easy-to-understand format to assist founders in making executive-level decisions such as seeking stockholder approval, awarding grants to new hires, raising additional rounds of funding, and calculating liquidation waterfalls for a liquidity event.

How can Eqvista help you manage your cap table?

Managing a cap table can be stressful and complicated, but Eqvista makes it easier by:

  • Keeping track of company equity and shareholder details
  • Centralizing data to make it easy to share with others
  • Staying compliant with regulations
  • Maintaining the most up-to-date information about your company’s equity
  • Easily keeping everyone, including founders and shareholders, in the loop about changes to the cap table

Why choose Eqvista over other cap table management software?

Our cap table management platform provides a wide range of features that cater to both startups and established businesses. Eqvista allows you to create share certificates, board resolutions, conduct valuations, IRS filings and stock compensation reporting. Our simple and user-friendly interface makes creating and managing your cap table easy and efficient. Also, your cap table will be constantly compliant as we update our system with the latest changes in securities law. With Eqvista, you can trust that we will support you and your company all the way to success.


Eqvista offers three packages: Freemium, Premium, and Enterprise. If you are just starting out, our Freemium package is the best deal for you since it’s free of charge and allows you to have up to 20 shareholders. Our Premium and Enterprise package unlocks more features, including adding unlimited shareholders, handling unlimited companies under one account, annual corporate filings and many more.

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