With Eqvista, you will be able to effectively manage your company with our cap table software and leading valuation services.

Your complete cap table and 409A valuation services

With Eqvista, you can have all of your equity management and valuations done in one place. Our state-of-the-art cap table software is what all companies need to easily issue stocks, options and shares. We also provide one of the leading 409A valuations performed by NACVA certified valuation analysts, that guarantees compliance with safe harbor standards and uses widely accepted valuation practices.

Equity Management

We have transformed how companies can handle its ownership with our advanced equity management software that manages your cap table, company shares and more. You can now easily and effectively manage your company’s equity in one place.

Cap table management

Efficiently manage your company’s cap table with real time updates and analysis with our reliable cap table software. Transactions are transparent and recorded, ensuring no inaccuracies in your equity management.

Issuing shares

With our platform, you can easily issue shares entirely online and in real time. Issue new shares to founders, investors and employees without having to spend a lot of time and money.

Shareholder management

Eqvista allows you to keep track of your shareholders in one place and give them access to your cap table. Shareholders can view their own grants and request for electronic certificates online.

Financial modeling

Our financial models can help calculate the share dilution effects and exit strategies of your companies by using built-in algorithms that do the math for you. Our models include Waterfall Analysis and Round Modeling.

Business Valuation

With our well-versed team of experienced valuation professionals, Eqvista provides business valuation services to companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. Get your business valuation and IRS filing services from us!

409A Valuation

Assess the fair market value (FMV) of your company’s stock with a 409A valuation. At Eqvista, we make use of the best valuation methods available to conduct the valuation.

Stock-based Compensation Reporting

Our certified team of experts will guide you and will provide cost-effective, audit-ready and GAAP compliant reporting of your company’s financial report to make sure you obtain a timely audit-ready financial statement.

Startup Valuation Software

By using Eqvista’s platform, you can get an instant valuation for your startup. Our startup valuation is  a simple and quick solution for startups who want to know the value of their business.

Company Valuation & IRS Filing

Manage all your important business filings with Eqvista! Keep your businesses properly formed and listed with our filing services, which include ASC 718, Form 8594, Form 3921 and 83(b) Election.

Additional Services

Aside from our cap table software and valuations, we provide other services that help new founders with their business, including starting their own company! We are a one-stop shop for all things new companies need.

Company Formation

Turn an idea into a functioning company with Eqvista’s affordable company incorporation services. When you’re ready to start your new company, just provide us with the essential information and we’ll take care of the rest.

Open a business account

Open a bank account for your business at ease with our new neobank, Cheqly. Wherever you are in the world, put your trust in Cheqly to manage all of your business’s finances and transactions. No need to go to a physical bank; everything is done online!

Migrating & One-time Setup Of Cap Table

We can help you migrate your company’s whole cap table and data from other platforms to Eqvista’s platform. We also offer a one-time setup for your cap table available for free for Premium and Enterprise users.

Tax Consulting

Eqvista’s experts confidently identify risks and opportunities, providing guidance to make informed financial decisions to minimize taxable income.

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