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Vesting: What it is and How it Works?

In the case of cessation of employment before the customary retirement age, vesting refers to transferring an employee’s unassignable rights to funds provided by an employer in a pension fund or retirement plan. Employers may grant employees stock options or shares in the business as part of their pay. This is an endeavour to persuade … Continued

Single-Trigger vs. Double-Trigger Acceleration

For company owners and key employees, stock acceleration could be a crucial component of the equity jigsaw. Understanding vesting acceleration and its triggers can prevent you from suffering a large loss of equity if your business is liquidated or acquired. Additionally, you can’t rely on merger and acquisition (M&A) discussions to iron out acceleration clauses. … Continued

Vesting Schedule 101 Guide

Success of any business is determined by the team behind it. Be it the founders, employees or the business’s resources, a company succeeds only when all these forces come together to contribute the best of their skills and hard work. Needless to say, such dedicated efforts have to be adequately compensated by the company. An … Continued

Introducing Eqvista New Vesting System : Update

Planning to offer a better form of compensation to the employees in your company? With the competitive nature of the job market these days, many firms are looking for new ways to attract and retain their employees. And one of the best ways for compensating employees is through share options with a vesting schedule. With … Continued

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