Eqvista is a very simple-to-use platform. Once you have created your account, you can begin to issue the shares to all the shareholders in the company. This is a step by step guide to help you understand how you, as a shareholder, or your shareholders can easily access their electronic certificates.

Step 1: You can issue shares to the shareholder using the platform. Once you issue the shares to a shareholder, the shareholder would get a link in their email. Just remember to use the right email for the process so that the shareholder can get an email notification.

Shareholder Invitation Email

Step 2: The shareholder would have to click on the link to “Accept Invitation” that is sent by the founder of the company. You (the shareholder who received the invitation), would reach another page where you would have to select “Confirm” to confirm the invitation request.

Confirm invitation

Step 3: Once you click on “Confirm”, you would get another email that would allow you to “Set A Password”.

Set Password

Step 4: By selecting the “Set Password” option, you would be directed to a new webpage that would allow you to register on the Eqvista platform using your credentials and creating a password. All you would need to add is your first name, last name, and your email. Do not forget to create a strong password and keep a note of it for future access to your Eqvista account.

Register Eqvista

Once you have logged in, you would be taken to the Eqvista dashboard directly where you can view, track and even print all your holdings in the company. In short, you would be able to view all the information about the options or shares that you own, along with any vesting schedule that is applicable. 

Other than this, you would also be able to download any financial documents that are related to the transactions available for them on the dashboard. Everything is simple and right in front of you on Eqvista.

Shareholder profile Details

In case you want to download your certificate of ownership in the company, you can click on the sign, under the last column – “Download PDF”. You would then be able to download the certificate in PDF format on your computer. 

If you have any doubts or want to know more, check out the other support articles here or contact us!

Interested in issuing & managing shares?

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