When you (the shareholder) have requested your share certificate from the company after signing it, you need to wait for the company to sign it before you can download it. Once the main executor signs the certificate, you will be able to download it.

Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Let us assume you requested the certificate and it has been signed by the administrator. You will receive an email that acts as a notification informing you that you can download the certificate.

From the email you receive, click on “View Certificate”.

Email Notification

Or you can directly click on the certificate number from your dashboard to reach the certificate and to download it.

Step 2: Following either one of the ways, you will reach the next page.

certificate of shares

You will see a notification that says, “Certificate of Shares”. Click on the “View” button beside it.

Step 3: When you do this, you will be taken to the page where you can then see the certificate.

download certificate

You will see that the message above the certificate says that the certificate has been created and the signatures have been received. You will also be able to see the signatures below.

Note: In case, you did not request the certificate from the company and the company’s head has already signed the certificate, you will need to click on the box above your name and use the cursor to sign it. Once done, click on the tick above it and it will be signed. Otherwise, visit our support article for requesting a certificate.

Besides the message above the certificate, there will be a download button.

Step 4: Be clicking this, your certificate would be downloaded. You can then open the certificate and it would look like this:

download share certificate

And just like this, you can download your share certificate on Eqvista.

Once you download the share certificate open it and go to “File” and you will see the option to “Print” or use the shortcut key “Ctrl + P”. Choose the printer and other page setup options and click “Print”.

To know more about the other processes and how to use the Eqvista app, check out our support articles here!

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