A superuser is a person who creates an account on Eqvista. This person can either be the founder, director, or even the admin for your company, although it is advised that it should always be the founder. The superuser has control over all the actions that take place on the company profile on Eqvista. They have the power to:

The superuser would be the one who takes care of all the transactions that take place on the company profile. This is why this person is called a superuser, as they are able to use all the functions in the application.

Updating Super User Profile

If you want to update the super user profile such as Name, Email, Password and adding profile image. You can do it as follows.

Once you login to your super user account. On the top right hand side click the super user name and a drop down box will appear as shown below:

super user profile

Click on “My Profile” and you will see the profile details as below

If you want to change the profile name or email you can do it here. Then, click “Save”.

Similarly, when you go to next tabs you can see the option to change your account password.

In the next tab you can see the option to upload a profile image.

As mentioned above, to be a superuser, you need to create an account on Eqvista and then a company profile. Check out the support article here to understand how to do it.

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