The share access function permits you to share access to the cap table with your shareholders, investors, employees, board members, lawyers, and accountants. Not only can you create shareholders, but you can also easily update your shareholders’ details on Eqvista with a simple click.

When it comes to giving access to individual shareholders, there are two types: shareholder access and administrator access. Shareholder access allows selected individuals limited access to your company’s cap table. Administrator access gives full access to your cap table.

Under the shareholder access, investors have the option to see their grants, take an interest in board goals, sign and request electronic certificates for themselves, and sign grant acceptance for themselves. 

It’s easy to give access to shareholders. Firstly, click on “Shareholder Access”, then “Provide Shareholder Access”. An invitation will be sent to the individual shareholder to give them access to the cap table.

invitation will be sent

This is how the invitation appears to the shareholder. The shareholder should click on “Accept Invitation”, then create a profile/account on Eqvista.

Setup account

Once an account is created, the shareholder can access the cap table depending on the access type they received. 

For example, under “Shareholder Access”, the shareholder can only view their own transaction details, demand their grant certificates, take part in board resolution, and sign the grant acceptance letter. Shareholder Access does not allow the user to alter anything on the cap table. On the other hand, Administrator Access gives full access to the cap table, allowing them to make any changes to it.

shareholder access dashboard

The above image shows how you will see the screen. Similarly, you will be able to find other details as well. In case there are no vesting plans made previously, the user can create one.

A user can also remove the access of an individual by clicking on the “Remove Access” button.

To know more about how to navigate and use Eqvista, check out our support articles here!

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