Eqvista is not just a powerful cap table tool, it is an easy to use as well. If you would like to download your share certificate from your shareholder portal, then you can do it easily.

Here is the step by step method to download your share certificate from the shareholder portal.

Step 1: When a founder invites you to the cap table and issues share for you electronically on Eqvista, you (being the shareholder) would get an email about the invitation as shared below:

Invitation Email

Step 2: By clicking on the option to “Accept invitation”, you would be directed to the following page where you have to first “Confirm” the invitation so that you can create your own account on Eqvista. To know how to access your share certificate on Eqvista, check out the support article here.

Once you have made your account and logged into your account, you would be directed to the dashboard that looks like:


Step 3: On the dashboard, you would see your name under the “Shareholders” tab. Click on your name to view the details of the shares that you own in the company. In this case, click on “Scott McCall”. You would be directed to the following page where you can see the share certificate:


Step 4: To download the share certificate from here, you would have to click on symbol that can be seen under the column named “Certificate” at the bottom right of the page. By clicking on this, your download will begin and the certificate would be saved in the form of a PDF in your system. 

If you have any doubts or want to know more, check out the other support articles here or contact us!

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