Using Eqvista is very simple with a user-friendly interface. But in case you need some assistance in the process, here is how to create a new shareholder in your company profile on Eqvista.

Note: If you have not added the shareholder profile, you can add it while issuing shares, options, warrants or even the convertible notes by choosing the option “Add Shareholder” instead of searching for the shareholder profile. You can learn about this from the respective support articles.

Step 1: Log into your Eqvista account and choose the company profile that you want to add the shareholder in. You can create multiple company profiles on Eqvista based on the number of companies you own. You would need to select the company that you want to add the shareholder to.

Once you log into your account and select the company profile, you will reach your company’s dashboard as shown below.

company’s dashboard

Here, click on “Shareholders” on the left-hand side panel of the dashboard.

You will also be able to see the number of shareholders in the company on the dashboard and a button that says “All Shareholders”.

Step 2: By clicking on the “All Shareholders” button or on “Shareholders” from the main left menu, you will be taken to the page where you can see all the shareholders.

Add Shareholders

On this page, click on the “Add Shareholders” button on the top right side of the dashboard.

Note: If you already have 20 shareholders in your company profile and you want to add more, you will need to subscribe for the premium package to do that. Learn more here!

Step 3: Once you click on the “Add Shareholders” button, a pop-up panel will appear where you would have to add in the details of the person.

Here there are two kinds of shareholders you can choose to add:

#1 Individual

You will see an option that says, “Individual” when you are adding the shareholder’s details. By default, this option comes up.


You need to add the first name and the last name of the shareholder. Once done, select the kind of shareholder that they are from the list – founder, director, board member, investor, employee, secretary, and advisor.

#2 Company

The second kind of shareholder you can add is a company. There are situations where your shareholder or investor is a company. In this case, you can choose this option.


Here, you will have to add the name of the company only. And with that, the role of the shareholder. In this case, we selected – investor.

Whatever kind of shareholder you are adding, just fill in the details and once done, click on “Save”.

Step 4: With this, the shareholder profile is added as shown below:

 shareholder profile

Note: If you want to add another shareholder after you have reached the limit of 20 shareholders in your company’s profile, and click “Add Shareholder” to add them.

For instance, in this example, the number of shareholders has reached and we tried to add more.

number of shareholders has reached 20

As you can see, there is a warning below the person’s name. Also, you cannot save the information at all, which means that you cannot add another shareholder. In addition to this, you can also see the number of shareholders at the top right corner. To add more, you will need to subscribe to the premium plan. Learn more here!

With the shareholder’s profile created, you can now begin to issue shares, options, warrants, or even convertible securities to them. To know more about how to issue shares to a shareholder, check out the support article here!

Step 5: Let us say that you want to edit the details of the shareholder and invite them to view the cap table, for this, you need to click on the shareholder’s name from the page where you see all the shareholders.

You are then taken to the page where you can see the details of this shareholder. You can also see all the shares and securities that this shareholder holds in this company, if any. It would also show all the documents that have been shared with this shareholder if any.

edit the details of the shareholder

You also have the option to start issuing shares from here itself. Just click on “Issue shares” and you will be redirected to the page to issue shares to this shareholder. Along with this, you can also delete this shareholder’s profile by clicking on “Delete”.

To edit the details of this person, you can click on “Edit information”. To know more on how to update the details of a shareholder or give them the access to the cap table, check out the support article here!

And that’s how you can add a shareholder to the company. If you have any doubts or want to know more, check out the other support articles here or contact us!

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