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Top Investments by Accel 2023

The goal of each investor should be to maximize their portfolio’s profit potential while minimizing risk. Venture capital investments are one option for doing this. Accel is among the most prestigious venture capital firms. Accel invests in innovative companies with massive growth potential that might become market leaders and household names.  Despite being in its … Continued

Interview with Kaushik Banerjee, Co-Founder and CEO of Flutrr

In this client spotlight, we interviewed Kaushik Banerjee, the founder and CEO of Flutrr, India’s first multilingual dating app. Kaushik walks us through the challenges and growth of Flutrr in past years. His insights into the recent initiatives are truly inspiring. Welcome, Kaushik Banerjee! To start, could you provide an overview of Flutrr and its … Continued

Anti-Dilution Adjustment: How to Protect Your Investment from Dilution

The impact of issuing more shares of stock on each shareholder’s proportion of ownership is said to be “dilutive” when more shares are issued. To put it another way, the number of shareholders has increased, meaning that each individual now has a smaller share of the pie. When new stock is issued, existing shareholders may … Continued

Top Investments by Andreessen Horowitz 2023

Who makes up Andreessen Horowitz’s list of the most highly valued startups in its investment portfolio? As 2023 draws close, investors and businesspeople may find themselves thinking about this. The venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz, better known as a16z, supports risk-taking entrepreneurs in creating the technological companies of tomorrow. It might be challenging to stay … Continued

Founder Spotlight: Interview with Tom Ogrodzki, Founder and CEO of REDD

We are always eager to learn about the success of new businesses in their industry. In this series of founder spotlights, we would like to introduce you to Tom Ogrodzki, the CEO and founder of REDD. REDD is one of the world’s most powerful real estate platforms, with a mission to enhance the entire workflow … Continued

Top Funded Startups in November 2023

As the year comes to an end, it is important to recognize the financial successes and ground-breaking accomplishments made possible by modern businessmen and their innovative ventures. With innovative technology and revolutionary business strategies, these firms demonstrate the resilience and inventiveness shaping business. In this article, we analyze the world of entrepreneurship and reveal the … Continued

Save As You Earn (SAYE): Employee Advantages

Among the many complex employee benefit options, one stands out, which protects workers’ financial prospects and has the government’s support in tax credits for those who participate. Save As You Earn (SAYE) program, introduced in 1980, is a tax-advantaged savings-related equity initiative. This HMRC-approved scheme proves that the government is serious about giving its workers … Continued

How to Value Pre-Seed Startups?

With the recent funding trends, pre-seed startups are gaining attention. Pre-seed startups are new businesses in the very early stages of development and looking to raise capital. Valuing pre-seed startups refers to the process of determining the economic worth of a startup. Now, you might wonder how to value a pre-seed startup, why we should … Continued

What do you need to know about our Compliance Service? (FAQs)

Intending to streamline and augment your equity management experience, Eqvista provides a suite of state-of-the-art services. We have designed our specialized platform to address the specific requirements of companies navigating the intricate subject of equity compensation. Whether you’re a startup looking to implement ASC 718-compliant stock option plans, fulfill Form 3921 reporting requirements, optimize tax … Continued

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