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Pitch Deck Software Tips Every Startup Should Know

The competitive landscape has changed in recent years, and the way that startups raise funds has evolved with it. A pitch deck is a visual representation of the company’s story, which is used to convince potential investors that funding for their idea would be worthwhile. Pitch decks have been a standard feature in the startup … Continued

Complete Tax Guide for Startup Equity in the USA

The percentage of a startup’s shares sold to investors is called startup equity. As a result, investors will receive ownership and rights to the startup’s potential profits. It is typically given out in the form of stock options. As a startup grows in popularity, all subsequent investors will be willing to pay more per share … Continued

Stripe 409A Valuation Cut: What it Means for the Tech Industry?

Stripe Inc. headquartered at San Francisco is a financial services and software as a service (SaaS) company founded by John and Patrick Collison in 2009. It provides payment software services to US Customers. According to a report, Stripe reduced the “internal value” of its shares by nearly 11% in the most recent revision, dropping it … Continued

Shares vs Options:How do they differ?

Shares and options are securities that belong to different classes, with different characteristics, mechanisms, and structures. But, what are they, how do they differ, how do options work, and how do shares work? Well, both of them are forms of ownership in companies, thereby, each of them is aimed at providing investors with a way … Continued

Startup Valuation Calculator: Quickly value your startup

If you’re an entrepreneur or founder of a startup, you’ll probably want to know the worth of your company. Typically, the startup valuation is based on its future expectations and projections, which are sometimes difficult to quantify. In recent years, with technological advancements, sophisticated tools have been available that simplify the process of calculating the … Continued

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Wong, Valuation Analyst, Eqvista

Patrick Wong is a valued member of our team. He’s currently working as a valuation analyst, helping clients conduct financial analysis and perform valuations for their companies. Hello Patrick, Congratulations on your new role. Could you please introduce yourself and your role at Eqvista? Thank you for having me on the team. With a few … Continued

Profit Interest: A Complete Guide for Startups

Profit interest is an incentive that gives owners the right to a share of the business’s potential earnings. It is a wonderful way to keep talented employees and encourage them to put more effort into the company’s growth. A business grows when it makes more profit. The increased profit translates into the profit interest, and … Continued

Important business valuation standards every business should know

Business valuation is estimating the economic value of a business owner’s interest. Financial market participants use various valuation techniques to determine the fair cost of buying or selling the business. Business valuators frequently use the same valuation tools to resolve estate and gift taxation disputes, divorce litigation, allocate the purchase prices for the assets of … Continued

A Founder’s Guide to Valuing a Startup Idea

When an entrepreneur wants to start their own business, they need to come up with an idea to grow with. It is the first step of starting a business. While a startup idea is not enough for a business to make it big, there is value in the startup idea itself. An entrepreneur needs to … Continued

Exit Timing of Startups by Industry

A startup exit strategy is something that founders must pay attention to in the initial stages of the business. Even though it may seem harsh, 90% of companies fail, and every business is in danger of becoming one of them. Failure is a real possibility for any company. A startup might fail for various reasons, … Continued

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