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How Does Business Valuation Work on Shark Tank?

When discussing startup firms, we often hear about the term “valuation”, but what does it mean? Anyone who’s watched a few minutes of the American business reality tv series Shark Tank, they’ll recognize business valuation to provide a figure that often riles up the Sharks! While most would think business valuation is a way of … Continued

Klarna IPO: Everything you need to know

The evolving financial services and digital retail world has created demands for faster, easier, and more transparent payment solutions. Klarna is one of the leading companies looking to revolutionize that process. Fintech companies are quickly transforming the online payment experience, which is why Klarna has been able to establish itself as a leader within this … Continued

Public Equity vs Private Equity: How Do they Differ?

The terms “public” and “private” refer to how broadly this ownership is dispersed. This means that public equities are stocks that are traded on the open market on an exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange; on the other hand, private equities are stocks that are traded privately and not distributed to the public. … Continued

Capital Call In Private Equity Investing: Everything You Should Know

In recent years, the business of private equity has gone beyond being a specialized area of the financial business to becoming widely accepted. Although private equity has garnered a lot of attention, many people are still unfamiliar with its specifics, such concepts as “capital calls, How do capital calls work, when and why to use … Continued

Finding Your Law Firm Value: All You Need to Know

The approach to how companies, including law firms and other corporations, are valued has changed significantly in recent years. As such, organic expansion is probably not going to be sufficient when law firms determine there are areas of the law or regions they should practice in—possibly because they would be complementary to an existing practice … Continued

IP Valuation: Everything you should know

The process of calculating the worth of intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, is known as intellectual property valuation (or IP valuation). You must do an IP valuation to determine the worth of the IP assets in question if you intend to buy, sell, or license IP.  They are protected … Continued

Crypto or Token Vesting: What blockchain startups should know?

The rising trend of blockchain-based technologies has spawned a whole new industry. Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction, and presently, the global crypto market cap is $979.94B. With such a high market cap, the potential opportunities are endless. Crypto refers to the technology of creating the digital currency, which relies on cryptography and blockchain. Cryptography is the … Continued

Is a 409A Valuation Needed for Convertible Notes or SAFE Notes?

Following the Enron scandal of 2001, the government demanded corporations correctly value stock options granted to employees. Section 409A of the tax code requires startups to undertake regular audits to determine the value of the common shares they give out as options to their employees. A firm typically completes its first 409A valuation after raising … Continued

Cryptocurrencies Valuation and its Evolution

Cryptocurrencies have grown quickly over the past few years, leading to a huge buzz and often intense speculation. What’s more, the term “cryptocurrency” has been used to describe a wide variety of virtual currencies. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry is estimated at around $1.17 trillion in May 2022. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual … Continued

Instacart IPO: All you need to know

With the rise in the trend of grocery delivery services like Instacart, grocery shopping has become easier and more convenient for consumers. The one-click ordering process and delivery of groceries in a timely manner have made shopping for groceries more accessible and enjoyable. Instacart provides a one-hour grocery delivery or pick-up service, which covers items … Continued

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