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Which Equity Compensation Is Best: Options, RSU, RSA, Phantom Stock or SAR?

Receiving equity compensation is a great benefit for a lot of employees, but most don’t know which equity compensation plan is the best for them. Stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, and employee stock purchase plans are the five primary types of individual equity compensation programs.  There are
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Employee Spotlight: Edison Chan, Valuation Analyst at Eqvista

Hello everyone, on this edition of our employee spotlight series we’ve Edison Chan who joined our team a couple of months back. He is currently working as a valuation analyst, helping clients conduct financial analysis, perform valuations and manage the equity for their company. Hello Edison, it’s great to have you on our employee spotlight
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EBITDA Multiples by Industry

Company valuation is one thing that every entrepreneur must bear in mind at every stage of a business. No significant decision can be taken without estimating the market value of a company at any given point. Factors called valuation multiples are important indicators in this process. Investors and company managements alike use these valuation multiples
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New Enterprise Associates portfolio and top investments in 2021

A global venture capital firm, New Enterprise Associates is one of the largest firms that work with entrepreneurs to build transformational companies around the world. They invest in numerous companies in different industries such as cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, education, and many more. We have compiled a list of companies that topped New Enterprise Associates’ investment
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Eqvista First Attendance at the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021

We would like to announce that Eqvista has attended the Hong Kong Fintech 2021 event last week. A big thanks to everyone who came to visit us at our booth and to discuss what Eqvista can offer fintech companies in Asia. We built a lot of great connections with a lot of interesting companies, and
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Top 50 Pitch Decks for Company Funding

Startup funding is a competitive landscape. Globally close to 300 million startups are created every year, while 120,000 businesses shut down each day. You can imagine the scale! Sadly, one of the leading reasons for a business failure is a lack of funds. Thus startups must master the art of fundraising as quickly as possible. 
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Employee Spotlight: Trista Shi, Valuation Analyst at Eqvista

As part of our new blog series, we’re doing an Employee Spotlight at Eqvista! Our team is our strength and today we are excited to feature one of our newly joined team members, Trista Shi. She is working as a valuation analyst at Eqvista and assisting in business valuation services ranging from industry research, financial
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Pros and Cons of Stock Dilution

The moment an organization issues additional stock to new shareholders, it can decrease the value of existing investors’ shares and their ownership of the company. This problem is termed dilution. Stock dilution is also sometimes referred to as equity dilution. Fundamentally, It is a risk that investors must be conscious of as shareholders. Also, they
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NFX Launches FAST Programs For Founders

The last couple of days have been big for founders as there has been an announcement about massive seed funding by NFX. Founders are now asking what the NFX Fast programs are and how to apply for them. This article will tell you about NFX, their FAST programs, and how to apply. About NFX &
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Why Founders choose Eqvista over Excel and Other Equity Management Software?

Excel sheets are one of the oldest ways to keep track of the shares in a company. It has been the tried and trusted method for everything around numbers, including tracking equity. However as the world evolves, we need to look for better ways to get things done properly. And with Excel sheets, cap table
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