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When should I sell my RSUs or Restricted Stock Units?

Some people think that owning regular stocks is similar to owning Restricted stock units or RSUs. Irrespective of the menacing name, RSUs could be a valuable tool for planning. Big companies such as Google and Tesla provide their employees with RSUs to retain talented employees and keep them engaged in the company. RSUs value depends
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Berkus Valuation Method for Startups

Evaluating a company’s value can be very challenging. Some founders want the highest valuation based on optimistic future revenues. On the other end, some investors prefer lower valuation methods based on current revenues. The final valuation will depend on how founders and investors agree on valuation.  Different methods are used for valuing early-stage companies. One
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Eqvista Introduces New Report Feature

Eqvista is a sophisticated cap table application and our team continually works on making it better for our clients. With this, Eqvista just created a feature where you can now download different kinds of reports like the cap table report, secondary transactions report, and company shares report. Report Feature in Eqvista As mentioned above, the
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Cap table 101: What Founders Should Know About a Cap Table

The startup cap table is one of the most fundamental documents that every entrepreneur must know and understand. The moment a couple of founders come together to form a company, figuring out the equity distribution is inevitable. After this stage, the concept of a cap table follows. Ranging from simple cap tables maintained on spreadsheets
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409a Valuation from Eqvista: Top Choice for Startups and Lawyers

Have you gotten a business valuation yet? Maybe you don’t know what business valuations are and why you might need a 409A valuation. Well to begin with, a business valuation is a process of finding out the economic value of your company. In short, it helps you get the fair market value of the business,
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Interview with tZERO CEO: Saum Noursalehi

We got a chance to interview Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO, the leading blockchain-based marketplace for trading tokenized private securities. Hi Saum, Thank you so much for this interview. Just to start with, Could you please tell a bit more about yourself and your journey to tZERO? Having studied Computer Science in college, I have
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Complete List of Unicorn Companies 2021

Despite facing massive obstacles during the pandemic, private companies continue to grow. 2021 is turning out to be exciting for startups. More and more investors are funding small and medium startups that have potential in the innovative sector. Many industries have been on the rise, especially the tech industry. Recent data shows that this year
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What is a Secondary Offering and How does it work?

Entrepreneurs usually seek investment or private funding to start their business. To raise capital, you will need to schedule meetings to pitch your ideas to venture capitalists or angel investors. If they like your idea and see potential, they will invest in your business in exchange for some equity in the company. Once you get
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Pro Forma Cap Table

Startups begin with unique ideas and make it through innovative thinking, hard work, and all the other hurdles. They eventually achieve traction leading to maturity. One of the important elements in a company’s evolution is developing and managing the shares through a suitable pro forma cap table. It might be hard for newcomers in the
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Introducing SEED (Simple Employee Equity Development) by Eqvista

Employee equity compensation is an irreplaceable hiring and retention tool these days. Apart from preserving precious cash reserves of a company that would otherwise be allocated for regular cash-based salary packages, equity compensation also acts as an important enhancer of employee performance. However, one rule cannot apply to all employees in an organization. This is
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