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Bootstrapping vs Funding: Which is Right for Your Startup

Do you want to try to seek capital for your business or bootstrap it? It’s a classic issue that every entrepreneur has been in. Many individuals have strong opinions about starting and running a business. Every business is unique, so no solution will apply to this subject. Raising money from external sources like investors or … Continued

Top Funded Startups in January, 2024

In January 2024, several startups had significant financial movements, with several companies securing substantial investments across diverse sectors. This influx of capital reflects investor’s confidence in emerging technologies and innovative business models.  The funding rounds ranged from pre-seed to Series A and beyond, indicating an appetite for early-stage ventures and more mature startups poised for … Continued

Top Funded Startups in November 2023

As the year comes to an end, it is important to recognize the financial successes and ground-breaking accomplishments made possible by modern businessmen and their innovative ventures. With innovative technology and revolutionary business strategies, these firms demonstrate the resilience and inventiveness shaping business. In this article, we analyze the world of entrepreneurship and reveal the … Continued

Top Funded Startups in October 2023 (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and Angel Invested)

Startup capital is crucial for businesses at every point of their development. The subsequent allocation of these funds depends upon the development stage of each company’s business plan and its unique circumstances.  Top Pre-Seed Funded Startups in October 2023 When a business is pre-seed, it works hard to prove its concepts and get early investment. … Continued

How Do Startups Raise Capital?

Let’s say you’re launching a new company. You’re determined, passionate, and equipped with a brilliant action plan. Have you ever considered the cost of putting your plans into action? Investment cash is necessary for the launch of every firm, no matter how little. Access to capital gives your company projects a solid foundation, facilitating their … Continued

ICO vs VC Funding: What Are Their Differences?

The space of cryptocurrencies has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years.  ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a way to raise funds for a project within the cryptocurrency industry, typically after the creation of new coins. In the same way that companies raise funds through an IPO (Initial Public Offering), except it … Continued

Top 100 Funded Blockchain and Crypto Companies

Venture capitalists have placed massive bets on cryptocurrency startups in 2021, spending over $27 billion worldwide by the end of November last year. This is more than the total amount invested in all startups over the previous decade. Businesses whose future success is tied to the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem made many investments. So … Continued

Funding Stages in a Startup: Everything You Should Know

There is no easy way to raise money for a new company. The process of raising capital can take months or even years for some businesses, while for others, it can be completed in a matter of weeks or even days. Many people look for outside funding to meet their needs, while others try to … Continued

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