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Interview with Romain Teufert, Founder and CEO Of BeJuicy

Check out the most recent Interview of Founder Spotlight series, where we introduce Romain Teufert, the founder and CEO of BeJuicy. We are thrilled to share the story of BeJuicy, one of the best-growing social networking platforms. Welcome, Romain Teufert! Can you provide an overview of BeJuicy and its unique position in the Social Networking … Continued

Interview with Mario Aletti, Chief Operating Officer, Flow48

Check out Eqvista’s Founder spotlight interview with Mario Aletti, Chief Operating Officer of Flow48, where he shares his role as COO for the company’s success. We invite you to embark on an exciting journey filled with captivating stories and fun challenges in Flow 48. Welcome, Mario Aletti! Can you provide an overview of Flow48 and … Continued

Interview with Hussain Elius, Founder and CEO Of Wind.App

Welcome to this month’s Founder Spotlight series, where we introduce Hussain Elius, Founder and CEO of Wind.App. Wind.App is a secure digital wallet that lets you manage your money anywhere in the world. Join us as we delve into Wind- app’s exciting and inspiring story with Hussain. Welcome, Hussain Elius! Can you provide an overview … Continued

Interview with Anna Alex and Anna Kaschke, Nala Earth

We are featuring the remarkable story of Nala Earth, a software that empowers organizations to monitor, handle, and openly disclose their ecological interactions throughout the supply chain. In this edition of Founder Spotlight, we will discuss the initiatives, challenges, and advancements of Nala Earth with our readers. To kick things off, could you please provide … Continued

Interview with Jawahar Singh, Founder and CEO Of Avishya Handmade Indian Ethnic Wear

Check Out our recent Founder Spotlight interview with Jawahar Singh, the Founder and CEO of Avishya, a company specializing in handmade Indian Ethnic wear. He shared his valuable insights into the vast opportunities and challenges of Indian handcrafted products worldwide. We invite you to join us and read Avishya’s successful story. To begin, could you … Continued

Interview with Maurice Bachelor, Founder and CEO of BOT-IT

We recently conducted a Founder spotlight interview with Maurice Bachelor, the Founder and CEO of BOT-IT. During the interview, Maurice discussed the challenges faced by his company and highlighted the opportunities in automation platforms for both consumers and businesses. He emphasized how BOT-IT allows users to create custom online bots easily without any prior coding … Continued

Interview with Kaushik Banerjee, Co-Founder and CEO of Flutrr

In this client spotlight, we interviewed Kaushik Banerjee, the founder and CEO of Flutrr, India’s first multilingual dating app. Kaushik walks us through the challenges and growth of Flutrr in past years. His insights into the recent initiatives are truly inspiring. Welcome, Kaushik Banerjee! To start, could you provide an overview of Flutrr and its … Continued

Founder Spotlight: Interview with Tom Ogrodzki, Founder and CEO of REDD

We are always eager to learn about the success of new businesses in their industry. In this series of founder spotlights, we would like to introduce you to Tom Ogrodzki, the CEO and founder of REDD. REDD is one of the world’s most powerful real estate platforms, with a mission to enhance the entire workflow … Continued

Founder Spotlight: Interview with Sergio Gonzalez, Co-Founder of Piper

Welcome to our Founder Spotlight Series edition; in this edition, we have a founder story who is shaping the future of sales with power-driven AI techniques. Thanks for joining us! Take a look at our latest interview with Sergio Gonzalez, the co-founder of Piper. Hello Sergio, great to have you on our Founder Spotlight series. Firstly, … Continued

An Interview with Josh Furstoss, Founder and CEO, Incued

Welcome to our Founder Spotlight Series, where we bring you the stories of visionary startup founders and entrepreneurs shaping the future. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Josh Furstoss, the driving force behind Incued, a financial data analysis software company. Join us as we dive into his remarkable career, the fintech industry’s challenges, and … Continued

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