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Top Micro VC List Around the World

Do you want to start a business? You have a fantastic concept, determination, and the assurance that you will succeed. Have you considered how much money or finance you’ll need to realize your dream? Whether the start-up is a small firm or a giant corporation, all businesses require funds to get started. Funding establishes a … Continued

Importance of Cap Table in Venture Capital

A startup’s venture capital cap table can initially be fairly simple, consisting solely of the founders and/or the first few workers. However, when the company’s staff base grows and additional outside investors become involved, the situation can quickly become more problematic. As a result, a cap table must be employed and maintained to determine the … Continued

Do Venture Capitalists Use a 409A Valuation to Value a Startup?

Is your 409A value different from the venture capital appraisal done by your investor, and you’re not sure why? VC valuations and 409A valuations are extremely distinct from one other, even though this may not be widely known. In reality, 409A values are point estimates at the lower end of a defensible valuation range compliance … Continued

Get your VC valuation done by the industry’s leading valuation providers

In the corporate world, venture capitalists have a vast network of contacts. These relationships may be beneficial to the growth and success of start-ups since they assist the startup in forming alliances with potential consumers or commercial partners. Venture capitalists seek a competitive advantage in the market: they want their portfolio companies to be able … Continued

Best 100 Active Venture Capitalist Firms for Startup Funding

The process of raising enough capital is the backbone of every startup. But company founders will agree that it is easier said than done. With a limited operating period, few assets and no reputation to rely on, convincing investors, ie. venture capital firms, to fund your startup is always a challenge. Over the years, various … Continued

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