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State of the Cap Table Industry 2024: Big Players Stumble-and Retreat

A capitalization table is a foundational element for startups. It details equity ownership, types of shares, and stakeholder information. When you maintain an accurate and up-to-date cap table, your startups can make informed decisions about fundraising, equity allocation, and overall business strategy. However, the cap table management industry is not without its challenges.  However, these … Continued

Figure Equity Solutions Alternative: Switch to Eqvista

Figure Equity Solutions has gained a reputation by providing a blockchain-based platform for managing primary issuances and secondary transactions. This technology allows companies to raise, manage, and trade equity on a single platform​.  Figure offers equity management solutions, but businesses seek more comprehensive and customized services as they expand. If you’re seeking a more comprehensive … Continued

Astrella Alternative: Switch to Eqvista For Easy Equity Management

Astrella by EQ is a cloud-based platform that offers equity management software for private businesses. It provides tools for managing cap tables, monitoring ownership transfers, and guaranteeing adherence to legal and regulatory obligations. Many people like Astrella because it has features necessary for stock valuations and regulatory compliance. As businesses expand, however, their requirements evolve. … Continued

Carta Alternative: Why is Eqvista the Preferred Choice for Cap Table Management?

Efficiently managing cap tables and equity is a critical responsibility for firms in equity management. With several platforms offering distinct features and dynamics, it’s important to pick one that handles equity management concerns and protects sensitive data.  You might be aware of the recent stir caused by Carta’s data breach. Some platforms’ suspected usage of … Continued

Equity Management in Times of Economic Uncertainty: Navigating the Challenges

When the economy is unstable, it is especially important for businesses to carefully manage their equity resources so that they may continue to thrive. Although downturns are usually shorter, they may nonetheless harm investors significantly. These economic cycles can also bring about prosperous times.  Since 1937, drawdowns linked with recessions have caused the S&P 500 … Continued

Eqvista Rewind: Looking Back at 2022

Since 2018, we have worked hard to provide an equity management solution that’s easy to use and also offer high quality professional business valuation services to our clients. In a span of 4 years, we have reached our biggest year yet and achieve milestones we couldn’t imagine. From increasing our revenue by quadruple, to having … Continued

Eqvista First Attendance at the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021

We would like to announce that Eqvista has attended the Hong Kong Fintech 2021 event last week. A big thanks to everyone who came to visit us at our booth and to discuss what Eqvista can offer fintech companies in Asia. We built a lot of great connections with a lot of interesting companies, and … Continued

Why Founders choose Eqvista over Excel and Other Equity Management Software?

Excel sheets are one of the oldest ways to keep track of the shares in a company. It has been the tried and trusted method for everything around numbers, including tracking equity. However as the world evolves, we need to look for better ways to get things done properly. And with Excel sheets, cap table … Continued

How to Use Cap Table Management Software?

Unable to get out due to coronavirus? Social distancing means putting our normal day-to-day routine on hold for now, so why not take this time to learn how to make the most out of your shareholder management software?  Apart from this, several platforms provide services that provide the best accounting and take care of the … Continued

Creating Cap Table for Your Startup: Step by Step Guide

If you have recently launched a new startup, your mind might be a battlefield by now. You must be struggling with the harsh facts that only the best startups can survive in the competitive business world. In essence, you are bound to pay close attention to each & every aspect related to the growth of … Continued

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