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SAFE/Convertible Note vs Priced Round

Funding rounds or investments in privately held companies often raise whether the company should use a SAFE and convertible note or priced equity rounds. Each option has unique effects, demanding careful analysis. SAFE notes are popular among startups and similar to stock options, as convertible notes are debt instruments with the right to convert into … Continued

SAFE Note vs Convertible Note: All You Need to Know

You might have heard the terms SAFE note and convertible note in the context of investments. SAFE note or Simple Agreement for Future Equity is a type of instrument wherein the company shares or stocks are issued to the investor after a certain period. While a convertible note is a debt instrument that can be … Continued

Is a 409A Valuation Needed for Convertible Notes or SAFE Notes?

Following the Enron scandal of 2001, the government demanded corporations correctly value stock options granted to employees. Section 409A of the tax code requires startups to undertake regular audits to determine the value of the common shares they give out as options to their employees. A firm typically completes its first 409A valuation after raising … Continued

Y Combinator Cap Table

Y Combinator or YC is a popular name in the startup ecosystem. What began as a startup accelerator initiative in 2005 is now a driving force in the industry. Y Combinator has seeded and mentored over two thousand companies to date. Drawing from this immense wealth of experiences, YC has also spearheaded breakthroughs in how … Continued

KISS or Keep It Simple Security Convertible Note Calculator

Have your company up and running but still need some capital to support and grow it? Don’t want to offer equity for the funding you raise? In this case, you can make use of convertible security instruments such as a KISS convertible note, otherwise known as a Keep It Simple Security. Not sure what a … Continued

SAFE or Simple Agreement for Future Equity Template

When starting a new company, there comes a lot of excitement to get your business ideas off the ground and start running your company. But this will eventually bring in the realization that you will need to raise money to run the company and grow. And at this point, many founders struggle to find a … Continued

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