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Enterprise value of a company: What exactly is it?

Company valuation is a basic indicator of a profitable business. Internally it helps management keep track of business growth. While externally, high valuations attract potential investors. Be it equity investment, merger, acquisition, or an IPO, the actual worth of a company is estimated using reliable valuation methods. This is usually done by professionals.  Enterprise Value
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Scorecard Valuation Method Explained

Startups are always looking to raise capital because of the issues they face in the initial stages of the business. And one major way to do so is through investors. Investors put money in startups to generate returns in the future. But how do startups decide how much of the business they are willing to
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Down Round Financing: All You Need to Know

In the startup world, financing can happen by two methods; an up round or a down round. As entrepreneurs start learning the ropes of startup funding, they become familiar with these ideas very early in the process. But what exactly are these rounds? How do they impact the reputation and operations of a startup? Is
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Company Valuation: Financial Ratios By Industry

Financial ratios are the cornerstone of any company valuation. Analysts, investors, creditors, and all other lending institutions rely on these ratios to gauge a company’s footing in the business. In this article, we will explore the idea of financial ratios with a deeper insight into some of the basic types of ratios. We have also
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