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Interview with Anna Alex and Anna Kaschke, Nala Earth

We are featuring the remarkable story of Nala Earth, a software that empowers organizations to monitor, handle, and openly disclose their ecological interactions throughout the supply chain. In this edition of Founder Spotlight, we will discuss the initiatives, challenges, and advancements of Nala Earth with our readers. To kick things off, could you please provide … Continued

Eqvista Valuation Request: How do I go about it?

A thorough valuation includes financials from the past, projections for the future, qualitative information about the company, and confirmation that the cap table is accurate. These components are also integral components in the valuation request form.  Eqvista’s Valuation Request tool provides a practical and informative answer for every type of business, be it a startup … Continued

Fuel Your Startup Fundraising with SAFEs: Webinar

Are you hungry for startup growth but feeling lost in the funding maze? Look no further than Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs)! These innovative instruments could be your startup’s secret sauce to unlock explosive growth. Eqvista and Fundable Startups are teaming up to empower you with the ultimate guide to SAFEs. Join us for … Continued

How to Stay Compliant with HMRC?

Small and medium-sized business owners must ensure they are paying their fair share of taxes under HMRC regulations. Revenue collected from the United Kingdom in fiscal year 2022/23 was almost 786.6 billion Pounds. Compared to the previous fiscal year, 2000-01, this increased nearly 464.8 billion pounds.  HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) is the organization … Continued

Interview with Jawahar Singh, Founder and CEO Of Avishya Handmade Indian Ethnic Wear

Check Out our recent Founder Spotlight interview with Jawahar Singh, the Founder and CEO of Avishya, a company specializing in handmade Indian Ethnic wear. He shared his valuable insights into the vast opportunities and challenges of Indian handcrafted products worldwide. We invite you to join us and read Avishya’s successful story. To begin, could you … Continued

Role of Cap Table Transparency in Attracting Investors

Founders launch a company to sell something that they have developed. However, as a company grows and evolves, it must adapt its operations to make strategic decisions about its future development. Establishing and maintaining an accurate capitalization table (cap table) is one such step. Risk mitigation is crucial for investors. Therefore, as your business expands, … Continued

Understanding of purchase price allocation (PPA) Valuation in 2024

When you buy a company, you usually get a bunch of assets that can make money for you while the organization continues to operate. Since most companies’ operations involve more than one department, when one company buys another, the focus shifts to the combined entity rather than each component and how they interact with one … Continued

Interview with Maurice Bachelor, Founder and CEO of BOT-IT

We recently conducted a Founder spotlight interview with Maurice Bachelor, the Founder and CEO of BOT-IT. During the interview, Maurice discussed the challenges faced by his company and highlighted the opportunities in automation platforms for both consumers and businesses. He emphasized how BOT-IT allows users to create custom online bots easily without any prior coding … Continued

Top Investments by Sequoia Capital 2023

Founded in 2001 and based in Menlo Park, California, Sequoia Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in private firms in their respective technological areas’ seed, early, and growth stages. The year was full of fluctuations, but Sequoia, known for its smart investment decisions, remained busy. There is nothing ordinary about these projects; they … Continued

Interview with De’Ja Burson, Account Executive at Eqvista

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we are excited to feature De’Ja Burson, our Account Executive. De’Ja’s robust background in Customer Service has helped Eqvista for Onboarding New Clients. Greetings, De’ja! It is a pleasure to have you participate in this employee spotlight series. We would like to get to know you better and … Continued

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