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Important business valuation standards every business should know

Business valuation is estimating the economic value of a business owner’s interest. Financial market participants use various valuation techniques to determine the fair cost of buying or selling the business. Business valuators frequently use the same valuation tools to resolve estate and gift taxation disputes, divorce litigation, allocate the purchase prices for the assets of … Continued

A Founder’s Guide to Valuing a Startup Idea

When an entrepreneur wants to start their own business, they need to come up with an idea to grow with. It is the first step of starting a business. While a startup idea is not enough for a business to make it big, there is value in the startup idea itself. An entrepreneur needs to … Continued

Exit Timing of Startups by Industry

A startup exit strategy is something that founders must pay attention to in the initial stages of the business. Even though it may seem harsh, 90% of companies fail, and every business is in danger of becoming one of them. Failure is a real possibility for any company. A startup might fail for various reasons, … Continued

Guide to Sellers Discretionary Earnings (SDE)

Seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) is a common term in the subject of sales and acquisition or business valuation of small businesses. It is the most popular method of measuring cash flow used to evaluate small businesses and measure a company’s earnings. During M&A, buyers of a small business company can easily compare two businesses using … Continued

How to value a business for sale?

Business valuation is necessary when business owners are looking to sell their businesses. It allows the owner to estimate the company’s worth and put an accurate price tag on it during the negotiations. An independent appraiser must do business valuation; however, understanding the process is essential to feel confident in understanding the worth of your … Continued

Announcing New and Improved Features on Eqvista

Eqvista is always looking for ways to improve and innovate our services to ease our clients’ burdens of running a company. This is why we have exciting announcements on our latest features on our platform! We believe that the new features will not only streamline the process of equity management further, but will also eliminate … Continued

When do South Korean companies need a 409A valuation?

Section 409A is a valuation that determines the fair market value of a private company’s common share. A South Korean company may need a 409A valuation if they are going public, establishing stock-based compensation, or are planning a merger, acquisition or other significant transaction. 409A valuation in South Korea is done by independent third-party valuation … Continued

Employee Spotlight: Kayla Chen, Valuation Analyst, Eqvista

We are back with another employee spotlight and in this edition, we have Kayla Chen, a valuation analyst for Eqvista. She is responsible for helping clients with business valuation services and financial analysis. Hi Kayla, it’s great to have you in this interview. Firstly, congratulations on your new role! Can you briefly introduce yourself? Thank … Continued

Ways to Finance Stock Option Exercises

Stock options in private companies are an attractive form of equity compensation for employees. In order to stay competitive, many companies are recognizing the importance of retaining and attracting top talent by providing equity in the form of stock options. Stock options refer to a contract between an employee and a company that grants the … Continued

Stock Issuance: Everything you should know

The primary goal of businesses that issue stocks are to raise capital for expanding operations and development. A private firm’s stock represents both a right to a part of the company’s assets and profits as well as a stake in the company as a whole. The ownership share of an individual in a private business … Continued

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