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Eqvista Valuation Software now offers a PDF Report

Eqvista is pleased to announce that our startup valuation software now includes a PDF download feature. Users may now quickly obtain their comprehensive valuation report with a simple click of a button. Reports are now more easily accessible, allowing you to keep track of your valuations in one place. Valuation reports for startups just got
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How to Calculate Dilution in Cap Table?

A capitalization table known as a cap table is a financial spreadsheet typically used in startups to manage the equity in the company. While dilution refers to a reduction in an ownership percentage interest in the company. In essence, dilution occurs when new shares are issued, decreasing the percentage ownership of each share. In this
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Does preferred equity affect your equity value?

The face value of preferred shares is set by the issuing firm, although it is essentially an arbitrary price. Because preferred shares offer consistent dividends but lack voting rights, they often trade for a lower price than common shares in the same company. The preferred stock is convertible into common stock and will increase in
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What Shareholders Need to Know About Cap Tables: Guide

The basics of how a company’s equity is divided are outlined in the company’s cap table. In simple terms, a cap table or otherwise known as a capitalization table, is a list that summarizes what percentage of the company each shareholder owns. It is crucial for shareholders to understand the role and purpose of the
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Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) at Salesforce: All you need to know

A stock purchase plan is a type of employee benefit which offers employees the opportunity to buy company shares on an employee stock purchase plan at discounted rates. Since it’s good for both companies and employees, ESPPs are used widely throughout organizations in various industries. At Salesforce, they encourage our employees to participate in this
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Client Spotlight: Interview with Maria Worley, Founder of, P.C

We had a quick chat with Maria Worley, an attorney and founder of, P.C. Maria maintains an active practice focused on supporting startups with a social impact. She shares her journey of making legal counsel easily accessible for startups by creating a virtual law firm. What’s your story? What excites you about your industry? 
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40+ Successful Bootstrapped Startups without Funding

Business founders utilize their own funds, assets, and revenues to fund their company under a bootstrapped financing strategy. The bootstrapped company strategy keeps the founders out of debt and helps them to maintain track of their expenses. This technique is distinct from the financing model, which involves investors investing in a company in return for
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How to determine Preferred Stock Terms with 409A Valuations?

When it comes to dividends, the board of directors of a firm will decide whether or not to pay a dividend to common investors. If a corporation fails to pay a dividend, the common stockholder is bumped back in favor of a preferred stockholder, indicating that the latter has a higher priority. Preferred stock is
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50 Successful Employee Owned Companies

Employee-owned companies are a type of company in which the employees have direct ownership, indirect ownership, or a combination of both. The main goal of employee ownership is to encourage worker loyalty, increase the workforce’s productivity, and create a culture that empowers employees to make a greater contribution. It is widely believed that most employee-owned
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How to manage cash burn rate to maintain a company sustainability?

A company must constantly make more money than it is spending to be sustainable. Managing the cash burn rate is as important as making sure you bring in enough new revenue for your business to survive. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on maintaining a company’s sustainability by managing the cash burn
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