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Financial Modeling for Hong Kong Business

The key to business success lies in financial modeling. This important tool helps companies predict their future, guiding them to make smart decisions. Businesses can predict profits, manage budgets, and find the best growth methods by creating detailed plans.  This is especially important in Hong Kong, where the mix of global and local markets Creates … Continued

Interview With Sergio Gonzalez Gaspar, Co-Founder and CEO Remuner

Get ready for an exciting edition of the Founder Spotlight Series interview! We’re thrilled to introduce you to Sergio Gonzalez Gaspar, the visionary co-founder and CEO of Remuner. This Barcelona-based startup has taken the world by storm with their cutting-edge commission management platform, powered by AI and data. Join us as we embark on an … Continued

What is an LLC? How to start an LLC?

An LLC, or limited liability company, is a popular choice for small business owners due to its protection against personal liability, flexibility in management, and tax advantages. Knowing the disadvantages and advantages of LLC formation and the steps to start one is crucial for business success.  Limited liability companies are required to submit annual beneficial … Continued

Is 409A Valuation Mandatory?

A 409A valuation is crucial for private companies in 2024 to ensure fair practices, comply with tax laws, and foster sustainable growth by accurately valuing their common stock. Many founders question the need for a 409A valuation, weighing its importance against startup costs and efforts.  However, opting for a valuation more than once a year … Continued

Eqvista’s New Startup Software Valuation

A precise understanding of your company’s worth and value is crucial, particularly if you are a startup striving to make a name for yourself. At Eqvista, we understand that determining your company’s true value can be daunting. With our cutting-edge software, we strive to make this process effortless so that you can focus on what … Continued

How to exercise stock options?

Whether you’re currently in a position where stock options are part of your salary or are just looking at job offers that include, it’s normal to have questions regarding your equity. The most often asked question among stakeholders is, “How much are my stock options worth?”. Gaining as much information as possible can help you … Continued

Interview with Nicolo Frisiani, Co-Founder and CEO of Lupa Pets

Welcome to the latest series of our Founder Spotlight editions. In this edition, we are delighted to introduce Nicolo Frisiani, the CEO, and Founder of Lupa Pets – the AI-powered pet care provider. In this interview, Nicolo shares the challenges and innovations that have driven Lupa Pets’ success. We are thrilled to share with you … Continued

Top 100 Startup Incubators (2024)

The rise of the startup scene, especially in areas like technology and software, has led to a boom in early-stage startup incubators. A business incubator helps new startup companies develop by providing services such as management, training, or office space. These startup incubators aid startup companies with a great idea and high potential to grow. … Continued

How To Remove Shareholders from the Company?

Shareholders take on increased risk as they stand to gain little if the company faces bankruptcy. They have the potential for greater rewards through the appreciation of share prices during the company’s success. However, sometimes, a shareholder can hinder the smooth operation of a business, becoming an obstacle to the corporation’s goals or impeding decisions … Continued

Business Valuation for Transaction Reference in Hong Kong (Funding)

Business valuation for transaction reference is critical to Hong Kong’s thriving funding environment. In addition to valuing a company, this method is fundamental for businesses looking to buy, merge, or raise capital.  A solid transaction reference enables businesses to approach negotiations with a clearer understanding of their position, facilitating more equitable and beneficial agreements.  To … Continued

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