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SEC Rule 144: Everything You Need to Know

Tracking the history of securities is vital to companies as they have to ensure that they adhere to the SEC rule 144. SEC rule 144 specifies conditions that companies in public and private markets need to meet to sell their securities. This rule makes it essential to track companies’ security issues in the private sector,
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Apple Inc.: Top Shareholders and Capital Structure

Apple Inc. is one of the top five IT giants in the United States. Rallying beside Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Apple is a pioneer in innovative technologies that drive the global market in consumer electronics, software, and other online services. They specialize in creating hardware and software products along with professional applications for their
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Eqvista and tZERO: Introduction of Partnership

We help founders and investors handle their equity in the right way, not just by using our application but by also guiding everyone with all the important knowledge needed to handle equity properly. Eqvista is constantly trying to improve and expand our services so that we can offer you the best. This is why we
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Capital Structure for Startups

You must have heard the term “capital structure” at least once in your life, especially if your family or friends have businesses. For people who are investment analysts, professional investors, or corporate officers, this concept is essential. This article will tell you about capital structure, the types of capital, and why a sound capital structure
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First Chicago Method for Startup Valuation

Investors tend to invest in a startup that has the potential to grow, especially if the market is big. The bigger the market, the higher the returns from economies of scale. To invest in a startup, they need to determine the value of the startup as it is one of the main factors used in
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IRS Form 3921: Everything you need to know

Out of the many IRS tax forms, one of the main filings a company has to take care of is the filing of form 3921. This tax form is about employees who have exercised incentive stock options (ISOs) in the previous tax year. And form 3921 has to be filed for each of your employees.
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What is Acqui-hire? Why is it an effective talent acquisition strategy?

Brand, tools, talent, data richness, and financial muscle have always been the main ingredients of the growth recipe of a company. Nonetheless, with the world turning completely digital, this recipe is evolving. In fact, the talent in the industry has become more vital as compared to other factors. All companies want the best-in-class talent available,
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IRS Form 5471: All you need to know

With the increasing trend in globalization, US nationals working with and holding stakes in foreign companies is a norm today. To maintain fair-trade practices globally and to prevent malpractices, the US Internal Revenue Service or the IRS has developed certain procedures. Form 5471 filing is one of them. About Form 5471 IRS tax returns are
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Join the Eqvista Referral Program and Earn Rewards

Started using the Eqvista equity management platform or new to cap tables and looking to organize your company’s shares? Then you have come to the right place! Eqvista allows you to issue, approve and accept shares, options, warrants, and convertible notes. You would have access to your company’s cap table, set up vesting schedules, invite
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Top 10 Venture Capitalists in the US Every Startup Must Know

Venture capital in the US is becoming a popular and essential funding source for startups. Since a startup is typically a brilliant, scalable business idea and does not own many assets in the initial days, access to traditional bank loans is a difficult prospect. This is why a specific market of venture capital has evolved
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