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Startup Valuation Calculator: Quickly value your startup

If you’re an entrepreneur or founder of a startup, you’ll probably want to know the worth of your company. Typically, the startup valuation is based on its future expectations and projections, which are sometimes difficult to quantify. In recent years, with technological advancements, sophisticated tools have been available that simplify the process of calculating the … Continued

How to Value a Startup: 101 Guide for Founders

Startup valuation is the method of calculating the worth of a new company. In rounds of seed fundraising, investors provide funds in return for company shares. To calculate the number of shares to offer a seed investor in exchange for money, entrepreneurs need to get a valuation report. An investor will also need this report … Continued

Eqvista Valuation Software now offers a PDF Report

Eqvista is pleased to announce that our startup valuation software now includes a PDF download feature. Users may now quickly obtain their comprehensive valuation report with a simple click of a button. Reports are now more easily accessible, allowing you to keep track of your valuations in one place. Valuation reports for startups just got … Continued

Get Your Startup Valuation Report in Minutes from Eqvista

We realize how difficult it is to evaluate early-stage companies, scaleups, or startups; therefore, we created a startup valuation calculator. Risk factors show a high level of uncertainty, multiples are calculated using comparable transactions, and applied models adjust for exits. Furthermore, dilution from subsequent rounds, the lack of key data on multiples, and many other … Continued

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