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How To Remove Shareholders from the Company?

Shareholders take on increased risk as they stand to gain little if the company faces bankruptcy. They have the potential for greater rewards through the appreciation of share prices during the company’s success. However, sometimes, a shareholder can hinder the smooth operation of a business, becoming an obstacle to the corporation’s goals or impeding decisions … Continued

What is Incorporation and Why is it Important for Business?

Incorporation is the act of establishing a new business as a separate legal entity. Basically, it is a legal process in order to form a corporate entity or a company. You might be wondering why you would ever want to incorporate a business. Well, an incorporated business has a separate legal identity from its owners … Continued

What Shareholders Need to Know About Cap Tables: Guide

The basics of how a company’s equity is divided are outlined in the company’s cap table. In simple terms, a cap table or otherwise known as a capitalization table, is a list that summarizes what percentage of the company each shareholder owns. It is crucial for shareholders to understand the role and purpose of the … Continued

Pros and Cons of Stock Dilution

The moment an organization issues additional stock to new shareholders, it can decrease the value of existing investors’ shares and their ownership of the company. This problem is termed dilution. Stock dilution is also sometimes referred to as equity dilution. Fundamentally, It is a risk that investors must be conscious of as shareholders. Also, they … Continued

Eqvista update: Create and Sign Share Certificates on Eqvista

Eqvista entered the market and has made lives easier for many entrepreneurs, founders and investors. It helps them not only track their shares but also manage their securities online and issue them electronically. To make things better, Eqvista has come out with another update to help shareholders request, sign, and download their share certificate online. … Continued

Challenges For Small Business Owners While Issuing Shares

Starting a business can sometimes overwhelm a new entrepreneur, especially the legal details of incorporating a business and running it. And when an entrepreneur incorporates, the very first challenge that they may face is how to issue shares for their small business, how many shares to issue and what to do to avoid diluting their … Continued

What is a Cap Table? How to Make a Cap Table for your company?

Now that you have registered your company and have everything in place in terms of the important documents, what is the next thing to do? Well, your work as a founder doesn’t just end at registering a business and running it. As you increase the members of your company, you would need a place to … Continued

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