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Understanding of purchase price allocation (PPA) Valuation in 2024

When you buy a company, you usually get a bunch of assets that can make money for you while the organization continues to operate. Since most companies’ operations involve more than one department, when one company buys another, the focus shifts to the combined entity rather than each component and how they interact with one … Continued

Why Fintech Mergers and Acquisitions Are On The Rise?

The world of finance has changed due to the digital ecosystem. Mergers and acquisitions have significantly increased as part of the trend of collaboration and partnerships that have evolved during this shift. Several factors have contributed to this. Technology advancement has been the key factor. The cost of converting legacy systems to digitally-native platforms has … Continued

What is Golden Parachute payment and taxes?

Golden parachutes are expensive severance provisions written into senior executives’ contracts that recompense them if they are fired. Golden parachutes may include continued insurance and pension benefits in addition to signing bonuses and stock rewards. If a business executive is forced to leave a company due to a merger, acquisition, or takeover, a golden parachute … Continued

Top Mergers and Acquisition Companies

Almost all M&A transactions are motivated by growth. The ultimate objective is to develop the business, whether the stated purpose is to enter a new market, add additional goods or service lines, obtain access to new technologies, or raise market share. Understanding this from the start will help you better understand the M&A process and … Continued

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