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Role of Cap Table Transparency in Attracting Investors

Founders launch a company to sell something that they have developed. However, as a company grows and evolves, it must adapt its operations to make strategic decisions about its future development. Establishing and maintaining an accurate capitalization table (cap table) is one such step. Risk mitigation is crucial for investors. Therefore, as your business expands, … Continued

Guide to Writing the Perfect Investor Update

Are you considering updating your investor on the current progress of your company? Well, an investor update is a great way to maintain a strong relationship with the investors in your company by keeping them up-to-date with the progress of your company and making sure they are in the loop at all times. A well-written … Continued

How to ensure you have the right number of investors in your cap table?

A startup’s cap table often grows faster than projected, and founders normally feel the ache of a growing cap table when it’s too late. Managing a cap table has practical ramifications for a business. Each investment the company gets requires cautious management. Founders must answer investor communications, keep them updated, and seek their signatures on … Continued

6 Types of Investors Every Startup Must Have

There are 6 types of investors for startups for those in need of start-up capital. Friends and relatives, crowdfunding, accelerator programs, angel investors, and venture capitalists are some of the available funding sources.  Investments are made by each organization at different times and with varying amounts of money. There are several factors that will need … Continued

Top 50 Pitch Decks for Company Funding

Startup funding is a competitive landscape. Globally close to 300 million startups are created every year, while 120,000 businesses shut down each day. You can imagine the scale! Sadly, one of the leading reasons for a business failure is a lack of funds. Thus startups must master the art of fundraising as quickly as possible.  … Continued

Complete Guide on Finding a Right Investor For Your Startup

With technology-based companies become a popular part of the business world, hotbeds like New York, California and others are now not the only ones who have technology-based companies. Tech companies are everywhere and it is becoming easier for new companies to get startup funding. As per the CB Insights, some of the top funding companies … Continued

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