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Paying a Consultant with Equity

Like employees, consultants may also be eligible for equity compensation, which is a kind of non-cash payment. Businesses often provide equity payout when they cannot compensate with enough cash or provide salaries below market. Equity payout can be done with different types of equity compensation, which include performance shares, stock options, and restricted stock. Based … Continued

Complete Tax Guide for Startup Equity in the USA

The percentage of a startup’s shares sold to investors is called startup equity. As a result, investors will receive ownership and rights to the startup’s potential profits. It is typically given out in the form of stock options. As a startup grows in popularity, all subsequent investors will be willing to pay more per share … Continued

UBER Financial Planning Before IPO: All You Need to Know

2019 has come up as one of the biggest years for tech IPOs. Several tech companies have gone public with billion-dollar valuations. Therefore, it is also being called the year of unicorns and have become one of the trending topic discussions.  As a matter of fact, UBER is a company that has come under the … Continued

Splitting Equity Among Co-Founders in a Startup: Best Practice

Money has always been the main reason why businesses come into being. Money has been a complicated issue that has laid the foundation to millions of conflicts, taken place all over the globe. In business, these conflicts often happen between co-founders of a company. That is when equity is split between the co-founders and is … Continued

4 Most Common Cap Table Management Problems: How to Fix Them

Let’s say if your startup is a Netflix series, then your capitalization table would be the rolling credits. It would outline everyone that makes up the ownership and the roles they have in the company. For every company founder, it is important that you have a detailed understanding of all that you own in the … Continued

Convertible Notes: Things You Need to Understand

Being an entrepreneur might seem like an easy way to achieve success. But often it’s a rocky road you must navigate and steer your business in the right direction. There are many things that you will come across that require difficult decisions and cause stress. If you have a new startup on your hands and … Continued

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