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Valuation and Advisory Services in Australia

Australia’s economic and commercial climate has undergone a massive upturn in recent decades. Increasing start-up registrations, entrepreneurs, ecosystems, and Australian company funding are demonstrating this transition and leading to new global leadership.  These new entrants, investor groups, and stakeholders are curious about their investees’ or target firms’ valuations. Business valuations have risen in recent years … Continued

Business Valuation for Transaction Reference in Hong Kong (Funding)

Business valuation for transaction reference is critical to Hong Kong’s thriving funding environment. In addition to valuing a company, this method is fundamental for businesses looking to buy, merge, or raise capital.  A solid transaction reference enables businesses to approach negotiations with a clearer understanding of their position, facilitating more equitable and beneficial agreements.  To … Continued

Carta Alternative: Why is Eqvista the Preferred Choice for Cap Table Management?

Efficiently managing cap tables and equity is a critical responsibility for firms in equity management. With several platforms offering distinct features and dynamics, it’s important to pick one that handles equity management concerns and protects sensitive data.  You might be aware of the recent stir caused by Carta’s data breach. Some platforms’ suspected usage of … Continued

Important Business Valuation Metrics For Your Company

Investors use business valuation metrics to find companies they think the market has undervalued. This approach to investing is based on the idea that the market overreacts to both positive and negative news, causing stock price changes that do not reflect a company’s long-term merits and providing an opportunity for profit when the price falls. … Continued

Important business valuation standards every business should know

Business valuation is estimating the economic value of a business owner’s interest. Financial market participants use various valuation techniques to determine the fair cost of buying or selling the business. Business valuators frequently use the same valuation tools to resolve estate and gift taxation disputes, divorce litigation, allocate the purchase prices for the assets of … Continued

How to value a business for sale?

Business valuation is necessary when business owners are looking to sell their businesses. It allows the owner to estimate the company’s worth and put an accurate price tag on it during the negotiations. An independent appraiser must do business valuation; however, understanding the process is essential to feel confident in understanding the worth of your … Continued

How to Calculate the Value of a Business Based on Revenue?

Business valuation can be done in a variety of ways, each of which produces a distinct outcome. Different types of business valuation methods have different implications for businesses and affect their mergers and acquisition (M&A) goals. This is why it is crucial that a business owner chooses the right technique of valuation. One way to … Continued

How Does Business Valuation Work on Shark Tank?

When discussing startup firms, we often hear about the term “valuation”, but what does it mean? Anyone who’s watched a few minutes of the American business reality tv series Shark Tank, they’ll recognize business valuation to provide a figure that often riles up the Sharks! While most would think business valuation is a way of … Continued

Get Your Business Valuation and Other IRS Filing From Eqvista

Business valuation is an estimate of the worth of a company’s assets in an effort to ascertain the value of a company. Get the correct valuation of your business and other IRS filing from Eqvista with an assured value and accurate calculation. Business Valuation and IRS Filing  In short, a business valuation is the process … Continued

Employee Spotlight: Edison Chan, Valuation Analyst at Eqvista

Hello everyone, on this edition of our employee spotlight series we’ve Edison Chan who joined our team a couple of months back. He is currently working as a valuation analyst, helping clients conduct financial analysis, perform valuations and manage the equity for their company. Hello Edison, it’s great to have you on our employee spotlight … Continued

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