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Thank You For Attending the SAFE Startup Fundraising: Webinar

Big shout out to all the amazing founders who joined our “Founder’s Guide to SAFE Startup Fundraising” webinar hosted by Fundable Startups and Eqvista! We hope you had a wonderful time during the session and that it provided you with useful insights into navigating the world of SAFEs (Simple Agreements for Future Equity) and fueling … Continued

Fuel Your Startup Fundraising with SAFEs: Webinar

Are you hungry for startup growth but feeling lost in the funding maze? Look no further than Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs)! These innovative instruments could be your startup’s secret sauce to unlock explosive growth. Eqvista and Fundable Startups are teaming up to empower you with the ultimate guide to SAFEs. Join us for … Continued

SAFE Note vs Convertible Note: All You Need to Know

You might have heard the terms SAFE note and convertible note in the context of investments. SAFE note or Simple Agreement for Future Equity is a type of instrument wherein the company shares or stocks are issued to the investor after a certain period. While a convertible note is a debt instrument that can be … Continued

SAFE or Simple Agreement for Future Equity Template

When starting a new company, there comes a lot of excitement to get your business ideas off the ground and start running your company. But this will eventually bring in the realization that you will need to raise money to run the company and grow. And at this point, many founders struggle to find a … Continued

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