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Tax-Efficient Equity Compensation Planning: Strategies for Maximizing After-tax Returns

Planning and managing your equity ownership is essential to your financial strategy and must be among your top financial objectives.  It will reduce your potential for overfocus and help you save money. You must know how to play the game when you have anything at stake. As a first step, familiarize yourself with the various … Continued

Shares vs Options:How do they differ?

Shares and options are securities that belong to different classes, with different characteristics, mechanisms, and structures. But, what are they, how do they differ, how do options work, and how do shares work? Well, both of them are forms of ownership in companies, thereby, each of them is aimed at providing investors with a way … Continued

Which Equity Compensation Is Best: Options, RSU, RSA, Phantom Stock or SAR?

Receiving equity compensation is a great benefit for a lot of employees, but most don’t know which equity compensation plan is the best for them. Stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, and employee stock purchase plans are the five primary types of individual equity compensation programs.  There are … Continued

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