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Eqvista Valuation Request: How do I go about it?

A thorough valuation includes financials from the past, projections for the future, qualitative information about the company, and confirmation that the cap table is accurate. These components are also integral components in the valuation request form.  Eqvista’s Valuation Request tool provides a practical and informative answer for every type of business, be it a startup … Continued

Startup Valuation Calculator: Quickly value your startup

If you’re an entrepreneur or founder of a startup, you’ll probably want to know the worth of your company. Typically, the startup valuation is based on its future expectations and projections, which are sometimes difficult to quantify. In recent years, with technological advancements, sophisticated tools have been available that simplify the process of calculating the … Continued

A Founder’s Guide to Valuing a Startup Idea

When an entrepreneur wants to start their own business, they need to come up with an idea to grow with. It is the first step of starting a business. While a startup idea is not enough for a business to make it big, there is value in the startup idea itself. An entrepreneur needs to … Continued

How to Value a Startup: 101 Guide for Founders

Startup valuation is the method of calculating the worth of a new company. In rounds of seed fundraising, investors provide funds in return for company shares. To calculate the number of shares to offer a seed investor in exchange for money, entrepreneurs need to get a valuation report. An investor will also need this report … Continued

How the Right Use of Multiples Help in Valuing Your Startup?

Startup valuation is a tricky affair. Unlike mature businesses, early-stage startups don’t have any results to show in terms of profit. It takes time for an idea to mature into a profitable business. But this does not limit their need for investments. Growing startups need the right amount of funds to burn and support their … Continued

Berkus Valuation Method for Startups

Evaluating a company’s value can be very challenging. Some founders want the highest valuation based on optimistic future revenues. On the other end, some investors prefer lower valuation methods based on current revenues. The final valuation will depend on how founders and investors agree on valuation.  Different methods are used for valuing early-stage companies. One … Continued

409a Valuation for Startups from Eqvista

With the valuation of a business, the investment uncertainty reduces to a great extent. And even though 409A valuations for startups are reforming the way the market works, the practice still requires a high-degree of judgement. The valuation is done using some top practices instead of set standards. Moreover, early-stage companies are very different from … Continued

Sweat Equity Agreement: All you need to know

A Startup is typically formed by two or more founders who come together to build on an ingenious idea. Each one specializes in a particular field and together they are a team of dynamic individuals with a shared dream. Some Founders may contribute in financial terms while others contribute intellectual property. But how do you … Continued

Interview with Nathan Krishnan, 409a Valuation Expert, Eqvista

Today we’ve Nathan Krishnan, who recently joined the Eqvista team as a valuation analyst specialized in 409a valuations and early-stage valuations. We got a chance to have a quick chat with him to talk about his experience in the field of business valuations and many more. First of all, Welcome to Eqvista team, Nathan 🙂 … Continued

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