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What do you need to know about our Compliance Service? (FAQs)

Intending to streamline and augment your equity management experience, Eqvista provides a suite of state-of-the-art services. We have designed our specialized platform to address the specific requirements of companies navigating the intricate subject of equity compensation. Whether you’re a startup looking to implement ASC 718-compliant stock option plans, fulfill Form 3921 reporting requirements, optimize tax … Continued

Importance of Rule 701 in Stock Options

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established Rule 701 to allow companies to issue stock options without the time & expense of registering the stock under the Securities Act. If a startup company is issuing stock or stock options, securities laws require those assets to be either registered or exempt from registration. Most private venture-backed … Continued

What is Rule 701 and how can it help startup founders?

The majority of companies use Rule 701 to distribute employee stock. It’s a federal exception that permits private corporations to give workers up to $10 million in stock without having to make lengthy disclosures. Startups and small businesses who wish to issue stock but can’t afford pricey accountants or attorneys would benefit from Rule 701. … Continued

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