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Election 83(b) for Startups: Overview and Benefits

A person, such as a startup founder or employee, might opt to include the fair market value of property connected to the performance of services as income under section 83 (b). The election simply permits a person to choose to be taxed when the property is received rather than when it is completely vested. In … Continued

Why Do Startups Need 83(b) Election?

Startups looking for venture capital and angel investment should look into 83(b) elections. 83(b) Election can help you save a lot of money in the long run, and it’s generally one move that startup founders should consider. Before making the decision though, it’s important to understand what 83(b) Election is, how it works, and how … Continued

SEC Rule 144: Everything You Need to Know

Tracking the history of securities is vital to companies as they have to ensure that they adhere to the SEC rule 144. SEC rule 144 specifies conditions that companies in public and private markets need to meet to sell their securities. This rule makes it essential to track companies’ security issues in the private sector, … Continued

Stock Options or Restricted Stock Units (RSU)

Did you know that the first employee equity incentive plan originated in 1851 and was created by a company named Illinois Central Railroad Company? Well, thanks to this company, many companies today are able to offer a part of their employees with equity incentives and employ the best talents. These companies basically implement the equity … Continued

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