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100 Top Pre-Seed Venture Capital Firms 2024

A disruptive notion is the starting point for a startup. Not every business idea, however, becomes a reality. Some fail, while others are abandoned throughout the course. However, in order to assure that a startup concept can turn into a profitable business, an entrepreneur needs to validate it. Frequently, this validation involves monetary input from … Continued

Top 10 Pre-Seed Funded Startups in Q2 2023

The pre-seed stage is a critical time for startups, as they work to validate their ideas and secure early funding. These top 10 pre-seed funded startups of Q2 2023 have shown great potential in their respective industries, and are poised to disrupt their markets with their innovative solutions. Top 10 Startups of Q2 2023 (Pre-Seed … Continued

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