As simple as it is to create a new shareholder, it is that simple to update it as well on Eqvista. Although you cannot edit the name or other parts of the shareholder’s details, you can easily edit the details like the phone number and Skype ID of each shareholder. All you need to do is click on the name of the shareholder that you want to edit.

This is a step by step guide that would help you learn how to update the information of a shareholder

Step 1: Log into your Eqvista account and click on “Shareholders”.

Once you do this, you would reach the following page where you can see the profiles of all the shareholders in the company. 

Shareholders Overview

Step 2: Here, click on a shareholder name, in this case “Alarc Saltzman”. You would be directed to the following page where you can see all about this particular shareholder. 

Edit Shareholder

Other than the information of the shareholder, there are three other options on the page. On the right upper hand side of the dashboard, there are two buttons – “Edit Information” and “Delete”. And under the shareholder name, there is an option to “Share cap table” with the shareholder. This is if you have not yet shared it. Each of these have been explained below.

Option 1: If you want to edit any part of the information for the shareholder, you can easily select the option to “Edit Information” on the page. A pop-up box would appear as below. 

Shareholder Information

You can fill in the required details and click on “Save”. And in case you do not want to save the new details you added, click on “Cancel”.

Option 2: Beside the “Edit Information” button, there is the “Delete” button which allows you to delete the shareholder profile. Let us say that the shareholder is no longer a part of the company, you can easily delete their profile by selecting the “Delete” button. Once you select this, a pop-up box will appear as shared below. 

Shareholder Information Edit

Option 3: Let us say that you have not shared the cap table with the shareholder yet. In this case, you can choose the option below the shareholder name that says “Share Cap Table”. Once you click on this, the following would show up:

Share Cap Table

If you have not yet issued shares to the shareholder, it is always better to first issue the shares and then share the cap table with them. To know all about issuing shares to a shareholder, check out the support article here!

If you want to know more or understand any other process, check out the other support articles here or contact us!

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