Eqvista now allows the shareholder who has the viewable access of their own transactions on the company’s cap table to request for the share certificate from the company.

Let us also assume that you are a shareholder and offered a grant and follow up email notification. Here are the steps to request a share certificate from the company.

Step 1: This is what the email would look like where you need to approve the grant offered to you. Click on, “Go to Eqvista”.

Approval Request Email

Step 2: By doing this, you will be redirected to the main page of Eqvista where you first need to select the company profile. Once you do this, you will reach your dashboard as shown below.

Once the admin shares the access to the shareholder they can only view their equity transactions. They will not have access to the captable.

certificate name

Here, click on the certificate name, which is “CC-001” in this case.

Step 3: By doing this, you will reach the following page. Here, you will see a message that says, “Certificates of Shares”.

certificate of shares

There would be a button beside this on the right side. Click on “View”.

Step 4: By clicking on view, the electronic share certificate would appear as shown below.

Here, you can see that there is a warning that says that the certificate is not signed. And since it is not signed, you cannot request it from the company. You will need to add your signature to this certificate.

To do this, go to the blank box above your name and below the text “Received by”, and add your signature. Your signature has to be added by running your cursor over the box as you write your signature. Once done, click on the “tick” above the box.

In case your signature didn’t come out properly, you can re-do your signature by clicking on the re-do button beside the tick.

Signature box

Step 5: This affixes your signature to the certificate. From here, you can then move back to the top of the certificate and you will see that you can now request the company for the certificate.

request certificate

Just to be clear, you would not be able to download the share certificate for yourself unless the company signs it as well. So, you will have to request for the certification and that is when the company would assign executors to sign the grant. Once this is done, you (the shareholder), would be able to download the certificate.

Step 6: After you click on the request button, it will send the request and the download button would appear. The button would not be accessible as shown below until the company signs the certificate.

download certificate

And like this, it has now become easier and more secure to complete a share issuance process online using Eqvista. To know how to download the certificate, check out our support article here!

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